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Cura Personalis

No description

Marci Walton

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of Cura Personalis

Not Just Some Fancy Words! Cura Personalis Marci Walton
Resident Director
Loyola Residential Learning Community
Santa Clara University
NJSLC 2013 Co-Advisor

Resident Director at Loyola
Marymount University Introduce yourself to your neighbor.
Exchange names, involvements on campus and how you spent your summer. Introductions! Care of the Whole Person St. Ignatius coined this term while developing the Spiritual Exercises
Meant to recognize and integrate all facets of a person
Underlying principle is that God is
present and working in the person's life
"What is truly human is at once divine." St. Ignatius: Player Turned Priest Grab your cell phones! http://www.polleverywhere.com/free_text_polls/LTEwNjMzNzI3Ng First Encounter Be as present to the person as you can
Listen attentively to how their name is said
Use any mnemonic devices like repeating the name, alliteration, association, etc.
Make good eye contact of give a good handshake. Give them your FULL attention. Put down your cell phone. Seriously. Put it down.
Take out your headphones.
Stop making your to-do list in your head.
Make a connection that's personal to him/her.
Small talk might take place, however, your genuine interest can lead into a dialogue that can reveal what is important to the person.
Ask questions and be willing to answer them as well. Ask yourself questions What is unique or special about this person?
What is important to him/her?
Try to affirm, encourage and bring out this dimension. Notice any biases, prejudices,for or against the person, which arise within you. Examples could include: Boredom, loss of interest, attraction, or "allergic reaction"
This reveals more about you then it does about them!
If helpful, say a short mental prayer such as "God, please help me to see this person as you see him or her." Be deliberate about saying goodbye. Honor the person and their dignity by being intentional! After leaving, ask yourself
"What's memorable about this person? How might I reconnect with him/her next time we meet?
Make a mental note to remember this connection or angle Does this person have any concerns or needs with which I might lift him/her up and entrust to God in form of a short prayer? Don't worry about catching everything! Just notice enough to reconnect in a personal way. Subsequent Meetings Follow up with the connection! Make a point to learn their name now if you have not already done so
Be attentive to their real, not perceived needs Find opportunities to connect your spirituality to this relationship Pray for the person by lifting their needs, concerns and your wishes to God
Ask for the grace to encounter the person with God
Ask God for the grace to encounter at least one person in this way in the coming week If prayer doesn't feel natural,
find other ways to honor this person. Find opportunities to give gratitude for this person in your life
Empower the person! Identify, affirm, encourage, and bring out the person's gifts and talents by asking him or her to help with a specific need or task for the group/program
Communicate your concerns or care with notes/texts/e-mails/Facebook posts/etc. Convey that you are thinking about them a specific, not generic way. Time to Practice! Be present and attentive
Make a personal connection
Ask yourself "What is unique about them?" "What is important to them?"
Notice biases/prejudices
Be deliberate about saying goodbye After the First Encounter Ask yourself "What was memorable about this encounter?" "How might I reconnect with them?"
Does this person have anything I could entrust/lift up to God?
Notice enough to reconnect in a personal way. Grab your cell phones! http://www.polleverywhere.com/free_text_polls/LTEyNDU2ODI3MzQ Start Cura Personalis NOW! If you get stuck, just ask yourself "What Would Iggy Do?"
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