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Medication Assessor

No description

Shaun Durkin

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of Medication Assessor

Neil McGeever / Eileen Tobin
Medication Assessor
Learning Outcomes

To know and understand the role and responsibility of the staff member administering medication
To demonstrate skills and knowledge to appropriately assess the competent administration of medication
To understand your role, as part of the refresher training process
To define a 'medication error' and describe what to do if one has occured

Safe practices
Knowledge of policies and procedures or where to avail of the information
Protect the service user
Maintain dignity and respect
Awareness and knowledge of the medication, where to find this information
Complete appropriate documentation and records

Safely implement policies
Follow the 7 rights
Professionalism - i.e. attitude/complacency
Report concerns - any aspects of process or colleagues (whistle blowing)
Support colleagues
Unacceptable Practice

The following are unacceptable practices:
Prepare medication in advance
Administer medication that someone else has prepared
Preparing medication for administration for another staff member to administer
Preparing medication and leaving it unattended for a period of time
Preparing medication for more than one service user at a time
Staff should not administer medication covertly except under policy guidelines
Errors and Near Misses

Medication Error

A medication error is defined as any incident including but not limited to:
administration error,
loss or wastage of a drug/medicine/therapeutic preparation,
poorly written prescription, error in dispensing,
careless handling and storage etc
What you must do following all medication errors

Describe the reporting process
Contact the doctor for advice
Record the advice in the person's file
Inform the service user's next of kin/guardian
The line manager or manager on call (whichever is available) must also be contacted and informed
Staff must be supported following any medication errors
All medication errors must be recorded and reviewed in line with best practice
Near Misses

A "near miss" is an occurence which, due to appropriate action being taken, would in all probability, become an incident.
What would you report as a near miss and what process would you follow?
Do you think these should be reported or used as a learning curve for thre team?
"The near miss reported today is the accident that won't happen tomorrow"

"The door of safety swing on the hinges of common sense"

Safety starts with S but begins with you"

Feedback must come from assessor to staff member following assessment & passed onto manager
If possible review previous assessment completed prior to assessing
Assessment form should be left in an envelope for the manager marked ‘private & confidential’

Practical Demonstrations – administration of medication
Review documentation
Check competency forms for assessments for comments/feedback
Demonstrations of Assessment

Following these practical's & what you experienced

Were there any areas you would be unsure about if you had been completing an assessment?
Have you any queries regarding the assessment process?
Assessor co-signing Kardex?
Why would you consider failing someone – reasons & process to follow?
What would you do if you noticed an error during the assessment process –would you stop the process or wait until the assessment was completed?
As a staff team -
Do you question the current practices in the service regarding administration of medication?
Do you question your colleagues if you feel they are not complying with policy or are using unsafe practices?
Do you feel comfortable to do this?
Take out the Medication Assessment template Stage 1.
Watch the following video of a scenario in which a staff member is administering medication to a service user.
the staff member administering the medication and write down rationale for your assessment results.
The video will be played once, with time given to reflect and then played again with areas that need to be addressed.
You will then feedback to the group
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