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Happy Pi Day!

No description

Kate Hash

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day!
Why is today Pi Day?
(I'm so glad you asked!)
So what is it?

Ooh... another good question! You're on a roll. :)
Who comes up with this stuff anyway?
Today is March 14th of course...

and is approximately 3.14.

Get it? Woohoo!
What does pi sound like?
Isn't math beautiful?
I think so, too!
For thousands of years, mathematicians have
attempted to extend their understanding of pi.
However, it is the Greek mathematician,

, who is known for making
the most significant contribution for
finding a method to generate the digits of pi.

Thanks to pi, we know the approximate distance around the Earth is 24, 901 miles! WOW!
A few other interesting tidbits...
Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day, 1879.
Japanese engineer, Akira Haraguchi, currently holds the record for memorizing the most digits of pi. He recited 100,000 digits in 16 hours!
Next year, 2015, will mark the biggest
pi day in our lifetime. Do you know why?
I say we begin the celebration at 9:26...
are you with me?!?
Don't forget to turn up your speakers before hitting play!
Until then...
math on, friends!
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