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Diversity in FFA

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on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of Diversity in FFA

Diversity in FFA
Diversity in the National FFA Organization
"We believe...As different as we are, we all desire the same. No matter who we choose to love, how big our bank account, how light or dark our skin, who we vote for, how old or young, where we grew up, how strong our accent or what language we speak, we have a need for the same thing. We all want a sense of belonging. We all want a place where we are respected, connected and affirmed."
FFA Trips
The other club leader and I plan at least one field trip in the fall and spring. We plan trips that are educational and agricultural related, but also make sure it will be of interest to the students. We try to go a variety of places so that students have the opportunity to see and experience things that they would not do on a regular basis or ever have the chance to take part in. We have taken trips to Keeneland in Lexington, Claiborne Farms in Paris, Ale-8 Bottling Company in Winchester, Southern States Feed Mill in Winchester, Newport Aquarium in Newport, Morehead State University Farm, Eddington's Deer Farm in Flemingsburg, and North American Livestock Show in Louisville. We plan on continuing taking trips to a variety of educational agriculture related places. With every trip we cannot take all of our members due to funding and busing, so we have to limit our trip to one or two buses. Our students race to get their forms and money in before all the spots are filled. Already this year we have had several students wanting to know where we are going on our FFA trips because they look forward to them so much.
SMS FFA Activities
Besides field trips our SMS FFA members participate in several activities throughout the year. We offer a variety of activities so that our members can learn, participate in different things, and meet new people. Each fall we always have a night were we pick up trash/leaves on our school grounds and enjoy pizza once we have cleaned up the yard. Each February during FFA week, we have dress up days and different activities throughout that week. Dress up days usually include camo day, blue and gold day, cowboy/cowgirl day, twin day, etc. The students really get into the themed days. Kiss the Pig is an activity we have each FFA week. Students participate in a change war to vote for a teacher who they wish to kiss a pig. So each year the teacher with the most money in their jar has to kiss a pig in front of the entire student body. The money goes to a different charity each year. FFA week events are activities that all SMS students can participate in, not just FFA members. I lead a parli pro team and speakers, who compete in February at a regional competition. Over the past two years our parli team has come home with a first place win. Several speakers have placed each year as well. Our high school FFA is really involved with our middle school club. Our high school FFA provides different activities with our students to try to get them involved and wanting to join FFA when they enter high school. Some of these activities include lock-ins, team building nights, learning stations, skits, games, etc. We usually have a Christmas movie and pizza night where the students create cards for all the faculty and staff at our school. As you can tell our FFA club offers many different activities that the students can take part in and we encourage anyone and everyone to participate.
Sadie Hamm & Ashley Kinder
EDOL 562
At Simons Middle School we do not have an official FFA chapter, however we have an FFA club. The purpose of this club is to give students an insight on what the FFA organization has to offer once they progress to the high school. We encourage all seventh and eighth grade students to join no matter what their background may be. Each year we always have some students with the misconception that you have to live on a farm to participate in FFA, We stress that it does not matter where you live, what your ethnicity is, or how much money you have because FFA is an organization that helps its members develop their own unique talents, build leadership skills, and explore their interests in a broad range of agricultural careers.
Keeneland and Claiborne Farm Trip
Ale-8 & Southern States Trip
Newport Aquarium & Deer Farm Trip
FFA Week
FFA Competition
High School FFA Stations for Middle School FFA Students
Team Building Activities

FFA History YouTube Video - www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfyPLw1-ouE
Enhancing Diversity Final YouTube Video - www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Pq8L6WDa3c
FFA Mission Quote - www.ffa.org/About/NationalFFA/diversity_and_inclusion/Pages/Mission-and-Vision.aspx
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