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필두 성

on 22 March 2017

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Transcript of eSports

NUS Sociology
Ph.d. Student
Introduction of e-Sports in Korea
Global Pioneer seeks for Globality
“The current high-water mark for e-sports, that
other regions hope eventually to emulate, is likely found in South Korea
, where the audience seems relatively broad and the institutional infrastructure seems relatively developed and stable."

Burke, Dan L., 2013
Schiesel, 2006
Taylor, T. L., 2012

" Korean E-Sports industry is going through tough새time now. We need change. State supports, new system for rapidly changing external circumstances, institutional support for Amateurs and upgraded fan service are necessary."

Korean e-sports:
In between glocalization and hybridization

‘e’Sports or e‘Sports’
How game and sports can be combined?
Why and how could e-sports be successfully institutionalized in Korea?

Why did Korean e-sports go through hard times?
Where did the crisis stem from?

What are details of the restructuring process?

"Recreational activity involving competition using mental and physical abilities in a virtual online environment similar to the reality"

"Covers on and offline cultural activities including but not limited to direct involving or watching various competitions and leagues and participating relevant community activities"
(KCCA, 2010: 8).
Competition (Person versus person)
Physical hand-eye coordination with mental ability
observer mode
easily comprehensible
regular leagues to broadcast
"The story of South Korea holds an interesting place in North American and European pro gaming because it is regularly held up
as a model for the future of e-Sports worldwide
. It works as evocative fantasy."
"When it comes to gaming, Korea is the developed market, and
it's the rest of the world that's playing catch-up
When you look at gaming around the world, Korea is the leader in many ways."
E-Sports in Korea
1. Regional adoption (Introduction)
2. Local Institutionallization
3. Crisis (Paradox of insitutionalization)
4. Restructuring
Local Social Context
Contents itself
Institutional legacy
Proliferation of PC Bang after financial crisis
Government support for IT industry
Nationwide broadband infrastructure
From P to C to P to P
Equal conditions
Pro gamer as a promising job
e-Sports team in ROK Air Force
'Pro gaming major' in some colleges
Mechanisms? Why?
(Late 90s-
early 2000s)
(late 2000s -
early 2010s)
(early/mid 2010s
onward )
Western game contents
Korean e-Sports
To maintain sustainable interplay with global game publisher
To cross the boarder between national and global level to create/broadcast leagues and foster competent pro gamers
Global Contents
Local Institutionalization
Korean e-Sports
Interplay needed
: Contents matters
cannot modify / renewal / localize contents itself
global game publisher has gained more capital/power to organize game leagues now
World wide Growing industry
Gradually accepted as 'Sports'
Global e-Sports
Institutionalization, Crisis and Restructuring of e-Sports in Korea
Restructuring, After?
Cultural side
Japanese console games prohibited
Korean e-Sports: Trajectories
Specialized Cable
Broadcasting Station
Pro team sponsored
by big conglomerates
Forming Field
PC Bang

Pro gamer emerged
Expansion of the scope and scale

Social Acceptance
Organized activities
Kespa (Korea e-Sports Association)
hosting WCG (World Cyber Games)
Chair of IeSF
(International e-Sports Federation)
Failure on Contents renewal for about 10 years
Match-fixing incident
Copyright issues
Inertia of institutionalized field
Lost People's Interest & Media / Capital's attention
e-Sports and pro Gamer's social status weakened
New contents with Global leagues
"Global and Local Interplay"
Transformed institutionalization
Incorporated in global leagues
Local media with Global online dissemination
Strong governmental support
Maintains Korean way of training pro gamers
Global popularity of League of Legend(LOL)
Leagues reorganized in a more global way
by game publishers
- 2013. 01. Jun, Byung Hyun, Lawmaker and the chairman of Kespa(Korea e-Sports Association).
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