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Non-Cert COP blackboard modules

No description

Meghan Byrnes

on 24 October 2017

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Transcript of Non-Cert COP blackboard modules

College of Education:
Change of Program


The Team
You should meet with us at least once a semester, if not more!

Even if you have an Honors or Athletic Advisor!
How to Give us a Hoot
In order to schedule an advising appointment you need to either:

Welcome to the
College of Ed (CoE)!

Meghan Byrnes
Rob O'Malley
Erin Drulis
Assistant Director
Daniel Gilbert
Janet Distel
Today we will be Covering:
Academic Advising
Student Resources
CoE Admission Requirements
CoE Program Options and Requirements
Writing a Paper?

Need help brainstorming?

Need edits?
Visit the Writing Center

Need tutoring?

Want to improve your time management and organizational skills?

Looking to attend review sessions?
Visit the Center for Learning & Student Success (CLASS)

Need a Safe
Space to Talk?
Visit Tuttleman Counseling Services

Career/Major Exploration and Prep?
Visit the Career Center

Need Accommodations?
Visit Disability Resources and Services

Computer Help?
Visit the TECH Center or call the help desk

Want to Find an On-Campus Job?
Visit the Student Employment Website:

The College of Ed Advising Staff
For advising questions e-mail:
Rob O'Malley - rob.omalley@temple.edu
Erin Drulis - erin.drulis@templ.edu
Meghan Byrnes- mbyrnes@temple.edu
C- or higher in all required courses
3.0 or above
After reviewing Modules 1-3, you will then need to successfully complete the Quiz
For Specialized Career Resources and Support
If you plan to take the PAPA:

1) Identify Yourself
-Include full name and your nine digit TU ID number

2) Use Clear and Concise Language
-Provide all pertinent course information when emailing about a class (section number, CRN, title)

3) Be Professional

4) Be Proactive
Email Etiquette
Hoo are We?
We are a group of professional staff members committed to ensuring that you have a positive experience in the College of Education.

We work to make sure you are flying in 4, balancing your schedule, and taking the classes that are right for you.
There are two types of appointments
Call us at 215 204 8011
Visit us in person at the Shimada Resource Center, 150 Ritter Annex
Module 1
Module 2
Through the Student Tools & My Portal tabs on TUPortal, students can access many relevant resources.
A few important ones to note are:
Add or Drop Classes
Student Roster (a list of the classes you are currently registered for)
Advising Session Notes
Always make sure to use your TUmail when communicating with professional staff members and faculty at Temple University.

Once you complete this course you will begin to receive Monthly Updates from the College of Education.

Reading these updates will fill you in on important changes in the COE, as well as introduce you to exciting opportunities.
Advising Session Notes
After every advising appointment, your advisor will take detailed notes summarizing what was discussed in your appointment.

Your advising session notes will include information about:
Course recommendations for the upcoming semester
Pin numbers
Upcoming deadlines or milestones
Next Steps

ITo get to your notes follow:
TUportal-->Student Tools-->Records-->Advising Sessions.
DARS is an acronym for Degree Audit Reporting System.

"Running" your DARS is a great way to review exactly which courses you must take in order to complete the requirements for your major.

It is recommended that you run your DARS at least once a semester in addition to having an advising appointment.

DARS can be accessed through the student tools tab, it is under "Records".
Tools and Resources
We will now review relevant tools and resources provided to you by both the College of Education and Campus Partners at Temple University.
Utilizing the tools and resources covered in this module will be extremely beneficial towards your success at in the College of Education.
Please, review these resources carefully.
College of Ed Updates in TUmail
Advising Sessions in Student Tools Tab
DARS in the Student Tools Tab
Congrats! You finished Module #1!
After you complete this course and meet with an advisor, you will be added to the College of Education's Undergraduate Student Community on Blackboard
The Undergraduate Student Community is a great resource for all information regarding the College of Education
You can find specific information about your major, scholarships, and much more!
Blackboard can be accessed through your TUPortal or through learn.temple.edu.
Pro-tip: utilize class early in the semester, before you need help, in order to ensure success
Be your own advocate!
For jobs and internships both during and after college.
Undergraduate Student Handbook
The College of Ed Undergraduate Student Handbook is the ultimate resource for any questions you might have about being an undergraduate in the College of Education.

It can be accessed through the College of Education's Blackboard Undergraduate Student Community.

A copy of it is also available in the Downloads/Resources tab of the Change of Program Blackboard course.
You finished Module #2
Module 3
We highly encourage that students review the required courses and the recommended semester-by-semester plan before switching to AOD. These resources can be found on the undergraduate bulletin:
You have completed the all three modules!
You must now successfully complete the quiz found in the content tab of the blackboard course.
We are open Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5pm
Regularly Scheduled Appointments:
Students can schedule appointments online (Tuportal--> Student Tools tab-->appt. system), call, or visit us to schedule an appointment for Tuesday through Friday.
You can schedule an appointment up to two weeks in advance.
Same Day Appointments:
Same Day Advising Appointments are available every Monday and during peak advising times. A Same Day Appointment provides students the opportunity to schedule an Academic Advising appointment for that day.

The College of Ed operates on
same day appointment scheduling:
Every Monday during the Fall and Spring semesters
During Add/Drop (first 2 weeks of the semester)
During Priority Registration

Red means you have yet to pass the course
Green means you have successfully
completed the course

Are you eligible to switch
into AOD or HDCE?
The GPA Eligibility Requirement is a cumulative GPA of a
There are three optional concentrations for the HDCE major:

Childhood Mental Health
Community-Based Education
Non-Profit Organization and Advocacy
If you choose to switch to HDCE, you will be pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in (H)uman (D)evelopment and (C)ommunity (E)ngagement.
There are additional eligibility requirements for the 4+1 programs.
Be sure to review these requirements before your appointment at:
Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in HDCE also have the option of pursuing an accelerated 4+1 Masters program.
There are three 4+1 options for HDCE majors:
Adult and Organization Development (M. Ed.)
Applied Behavioral Analysis (M.S. Ed.)
Urban Education (M. Ed.)
Students that choose this option begin taking courses towards a Master's degree as an undergraduate, in order to complete their Master's degree in one additional year after their Bachelor's.
If you choose to switch to AOD, you will be pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in (A)dult and (O)rganizational (D)evelopment. Although flexible, a minimum of three semesters is necessary to complete the AOD B.A. degree requirements.
Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in AOD also have the option of pursuing an accelerated 4+1 Masters degree program in Adult and Organization Development (M.ED.).
If this is an option that interests you, be sure to bring it up during your advising appointment.
Students interested in this option should also be aware that there are additional application requirements.
Review them in further detail here:

There is also the option of minoring in AOD.
If you wish to pursue the AOD minor then you do not need to complete the rest of this course. Instead, you must call the Shimada Resource Center at (215) 204 8011 to make a 30 minute advising appointment.
We highly encourage students to review the required courses and the semester-by-semester plan before switching to AOD.

These resources can be found on the undergraduate bulletin:
Be sure to let an advisor know during your appointment if interested in pursuing a 4+1 program.
Please note: It is not required for HDCE students to declare a concentration. Make sure to discuss your options during your advising appointment
The HDCE Program requires completion of both a Practicum and Internship.

This is the opportunity for undergraduate students to gain practical, hands on experience through a year long placement at a local community organization.
Please keep in mind that students must comply with all policies, statutes, rules and procedures established by Temple University, state and local agencies, and any other institution in which the student is completing their practicum and internship experience.
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