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political crisis

No description


on 27 April 2012

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Transcript of political crisis

Content Basic facts
Last election 13/06/2011
Constitutional reforms
Post-election: differences in vision on the coming reform
What is at stake
Questions March 8th 2011 Brussels - Capital Region established

Competencies of Regions and Communities expanded f.ex education Constitutional reforms: From 1970 to 2003 1970 1st state reform Autonomy on the fields of culture and language: creation of Cultural Communities

Parity in some instutitions such as Council of Ministers

The Regions are mentioned in the Constitution 1980 1988-1989 1993 2001-2003 2nd state reform Cultural Communities changed to Communuties: matters relating to person f. ex. Health, Youth Policy

3 Communities: Flemish, French, German-speaking

Regions are organised. Flemish Region and Walloon Region. The Flemish Region and Community were merged: Assymetrical 3rd state reform 4th State reform Formally Federal State: art. 1 of Belgian Constitution "Belgium is a federal State composed of Communities and Regions"

Competences of C&R expanded f.ex. foreign relations, also more resources and fiscal responsibilities.

Direct election of parliament of C&R

Federal Parliament becomes bicameral, each chamber different competences and composition 5th state reform Lambermont accord: expanding competences of C&R f. ex. foreign trade and agriculture

Lombard (or Brussel) accord: guarantee of 17 out of 89 seats in the Brussels-Capital Council for Flemish inhabitants Last election of 13 june Open Vld pulled the plug: government fell (22 april 2010)

King dissolved the parliament and prescribed new elections

Winner(s) of elections were NFA and SP Bart De Wever
New Flemish Alliance Elio Di Rupo
Socialist Party Differences in vision New Flemish Alliance
Center Right, promotes the Flemish identity
More competences to Flanders
Copernican Revolution: Confederale model Socialist Party
Keep the solidarity mechanisms
Status quo Interest BHV
Electoral and judicial arrondissement: consists of Brussels-Capital Region (bilingual) and administrative arrondissement Halle-Vilvoorde (Dutch speaking but exceptions)
Flemish want to split it.

Social security NAP are in favor of splitting social security, the SP are against it, keep up the solidarity between communities Any questions? Belgian political crisis Basic facts

2 linguistic groups: Dutch speaking and French speaking + minority of German-speaking
Constitutional monarchy
Grew gradually in a unique federal system: Communities and Regions (total 6 parliaments and governments)
Economically: tertiary sector, but discrepancy between two communities. Historically different, shifted slowly to Flemish part.

Jurisdiction Employment
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