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Book Report: Kiki Strike Inside the Shadow City

No description

Colby Line

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Book Report: Kiki Strike Inside the Shadow City

Kiki Strike Inside The Shadow City Characters Setting Theme PLOT Authors Craft
I think that Kristen Miller did an
amazing job on using different words, like, not words someone would normally use. The setting mainly takes place in New York city specifically Manhattan, Chinatown and The Shadow City. The setting affects the mood by creating, in a way the feelings of the character by showing how the are reacting to the setting. The setting is important because in this story almost everything is somehow connected to the setting I think that the theme is never give up on your friends. I found the theme in a few important parts of the story such as when The Irregulars were trying to get into a specific room in the shadow city and decided that they had to use explosives, when DeeDee got hurt The Irregulars got her to a hospital not caring if they would be asked any questions. Kiki Strike
This mysterious 12 year old albino girl is the leader of The Irregulars. She turns out to be a Pokrovian princess out to get her mothers diamond ring back after her aunt
stole it. Kiki is allergic to almost everything, even the slightest drop of chocolate could kill her. A few traits are clever and mysterious. Ananka Fishbien
The co-leader of The Ireggulars. She was nicknamed "Squid girl". Ananka is a curious and clever girl who has her own library in her apartment.Her books help the gang out very much when doing reaserch before their quest. DeeDee Morlock
The chemist of The Irregulars, DeeDee puts her father to shame with her custom explosives that can wipe out a whole city, or just take down the average door. A few traits are cautious and kind. Her explosives and other concoctions often come in handy on The Irregulars adventure. Luz Lopez
Luz is known as the mechanic and inventor of The Irregulars, Luz can replicate almost any device as long as she can see a picture of it. Luz helps the crew on their adventure by recreating an invention called The Reverse Pied Piper, which Ananka's grandfather had came up with. A few of Luz's traits are that she is greedy and overly-dramatic. Betty Bent
Betty is the shyest member of The Irregulars, considering she is the master of disguise. Betty helps the team out by creating special armor for the girls' trek through The Shadow City. A few of Betty's traits are shy and smart. Oona Wong
Oona is the forger, hacker and lock picker for The Irregulars. Oona helps out by creating fake id's for a few people in The Irregulars. She also helps by picking locks during the investigation of The Shadow City. I would consider Oona to be mysterious and not afraid to push people around. Sidonia Galatzina
Sidonia is the princess of Pokrovia ergo, she is nicknamed The Princess. Sidonia is also the cousin of Kiki Strike. Sidonia turns out to be the villain and almost kills Kiki. I would consider her to be evil and unkind. Instead of using the word cold or freezing she used
"Black clouds hovered above the roofs and a bone-chilling mist had licked every surface"

Instead of using the word sinkhole or pit she used
"I bent down on my hands and knees and peered into the abyss" EXAMPLES! In the beginning Ananka finds her way into a sinkhole which had a room connected to The Shadow City. In the room she finds a book called Glimpses of Gotham, which tells about The Shadow City. When the last day of school rolls around Ananka is intrigued by one girls answer of what she wanted be when she grew up. The girls name was Kiki Strike and her answer to that question had been "dangerous". Ananka then proceeded to follow Kiki because she was dying to know more about her. Of course Kiki had noticed Ananka and asked her to come to a meeting. At the meeting Kiki asked Ananka how she would find the shadow city. Ananka then asked if Kiki had found another entrance and Kiki said yes. The two girls then set out to find other people to have in their group and eventually The Irregulars were formed. The Irregulars have regular meetings each week to prepare for there quest to conquer The Shadow City.
The Irregulars steal the bottom portion of the N.Y.C map because they realize if they have to use any explosives they want to make sure that they don't burst a water main or any other things for that matter.
When The Irregulars are doing an investigation in The Shadow City they found a sack of gold and when they burst a water main and DeeDee got hurt everyone took her to the hospital expecting Kiki to have the gold but she nor the gold were there. the gold had actually been left in The Shadow City but everyone thought Kiki stole it.
At the end of the summer that Kiki had gone missing Ananka sold The Reverse Pied Piper to the Capybaras Corporation.
Two years after Kiki's disappearance a robbery happens at the Chinatown Savings and Loan, which happens to have an entrance to The Shadow City and The Irregulars think Kiki may have done it.Also a girl named Mitzi mulligan was kidnapped
Kiki had not committed the crimes.
Eventually Kiki came back and The Irregulars were back In the climax The Irregulars set out to save another kidnapped girl named Penelope Young. The Irregulars find out that the kidnappings are happening at Bannerman Balls and so they find someone to go as to a Bannerman Ball so that they can get in. The kidnappers had been drugging their victims with Devils Apple. At the party Sidonia seemed to have been drugged so Betty tried to follow the kidnappers and save her only to be kidnapped herself. Ananka and Kiki tried to save The Princess only to find that the entire setup was intended to lure Kiki in so she could kill her. Thankfully a little girl named Iris had seen Kiki's medicine for her allergies and gave a syringe to Ananka to save Kiki. The girls then gave Sidonia a taste of her own medicine and went to The Princess's house to retrive the ring that was supposed to be her mother's In the end Iris became the newest member of The Irregulars and The Shadow City was safe, well, at least for now. Ananka and Kiki then went to Sidonia's house and found the secret room where Livia, The Princess's mother, was in the middle of making herself look better so she could leave. Kiki found the ring when it was pulled out of Livia's wig. the ring was what Kiki was after the whole time, because, engraved on the band were a set of directions leading Kiki to a letter which would prove that Livia killed her mother.
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