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Was the Development of Agriculture Good for Humans

No description

Carrie Giacobbe

on 10 October 2018

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Transcript of Was the Development of Agriculture Good for Humans

Was the development of agriculture good for humans?
Think about agricultural innovations...
How did the development of agriculture in Mesopotamia lead to development of writing?
What were the consequences of agriculture for humans?
Complete SQ3 Claim
Complete Summative Performance Organizer and Task

Possible ideas include:
slideshow, pamphlet/brochure, poster...
How did environmental changes and new technologies affect development of agriculture?
Development of agriculture
Source A: Neolithic Innovations in Mesopotamia
Source B: Average Global Temperature Data
Source C: Neolithic Farming Tools
Complete SQ2 Chart and Paragraph
What is
What are
What are some of our greatest innovations?
How have humans benefited from these innovations?
What are the costs of these innovations to human culture?

Changes in Population and Death Rates 12,000 to 5000BCE
Complete SQ1 Chart
Source A: Sumerian Counting Tokens
Source B: Sumerian Numeric Symbols
Source C: Clay Tablet (Cuneiform Symbols)
Source A: World Population Growth graph
Source B: Life in Paleolithic & Neolithic Communities
Source C: Population & Death Rates graph
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