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The age of innocence prezi

No description

Jessica Meador

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of The age of innocence prezi

Title: The Age of Innocence
Edith Wharton's life
Newland Archer's innocence
He was oblivious to the fact that his wife knew all along.
May Welland
feigned innocence for society
Ellen Olenska
Actually thought New Yorkers would welcome and accept her.
New York- 1870's
Societal innocence
concerned only with status
By Jessica Meador
The Age of Innocence
Individual desire vs. Societal duties
The individual vs. The collective
"The code"
Duty vs. Desire
Newland Archer
Passionately loves Ellen, chooses a life of monotony with May
May Welland
Knew all along but followed the societal expectations to have the picture perfect life
She is fake innocent for everyone
Countess Ellen Olenska
She loved Archer but knew they could never be together
"The Code"
It's all about status
The Van der Luydens
Men vs. Women
They can have affairs, women cannot
Lawrence Lefferts
May Welland
Book Summary
Newland Archer
Wealthy New York lawyer
concerned with society's views
faced with a moral conflict
chooses a life of duty vs. one of passion
most naive character
thinks May is oblivious
his family plotting against him is not known
thinks society would condone his relationship with Ellen
1870's New York society
Followed the end of Civil War
Expansion in America
wealth from railroads
newly rich families
Status became increasingly important
Importance of marrying the right people
What family you were born into mattered
Edith Wharton
January 24, 1862 – August 11, 1937
Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist, short story writer, and designer
Born in New York to a prominent family
In 1885, at 23, she married Edward (Teddy) Robbins Wharton
From same social class
intellectually & sexually incompatible
In 1913, Edith divorced Teddy because of his unstable mental health and acts of adultery
After 30 years of marriage
Started affair with Morton Fullerton
She was judged by everyone
"The Meat"
The question of either following your heart or following societal norms is still relevant
Everyone can relate or identify
People in different times interpret it in different ways
Siding with either May or Ellen
Even the author could relate
When the eccentric Count Ellen Olenska is reintroduced to high class New York society by her family, she causes quite an impression on everyone especially Newland Archer, a high class male recently and happily engaged to the quintessential young lady of New York society, May Welland. He ends up falling in love with Ellen and is torn between following his heart or staying with his wife and having the typical life he always imagined he would have. Ultimately, he marries his wife and tries is hardest to forget Ellen. After some time, Ellen's grandmother suffers a stroke and she returns to New York to take care of her. When this happens, May feels her marriage is threatened by Ellen's return and tells her she is pregnant. She knows that with a child in the picture, neither Ellen nor Newland would continue their affair. Her attempts work and Ellen announces she will return to Europe. Twenty five years pass and Newland and May had three children and we learn that May has passed away from pneumonia. Archer's son convinces his dad to travel with him to Europe in hopes to be reunited with his one true love, Ellen (which May actually told her son about) but at the very last minute, Archer backs out and decides not to go see her.
Countess Ellen Olenska
Unconventional views on norms and society
"I can't love you unless I give you up"
They are "chained to their destinies"
she knows she could have Archer but does not

May Welland
High class New York
Innocent and pure
Manipulates Archer to obtain the life she wants
Is wise at the end
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