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The Ten Faces of Innovation

by Tom Kelley with Jonathan LittMan

Chung-Hao Liao

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of The Ten Faces of Innovation

The Ten Faces of Innovation
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Executive Summary
- Innovation
- The Devil's Advocate
- The Innovation Persona's
(Learning, Organizing, Building)
- The Ten Faces of Innovation
- Conclusion
- "Innovation is now recognized as the single most important ingredient in any modern economy", by The Economist, a British Publication

- "Innovators Focus on the Verb", said Tom Kelley

- Ideas. Action. Implementation. Gain. Profit.
"People creating value through the implementation of new
ideas", by Innovation Network's definition
The Experimenter
- Learning by process of enlightened trial and error
- Prototypes everything!
- Passion for hard work, curious mind, and openness
The Hurdler
- Tireless problem solver, optimism, preserverance
- Demonstrates knack for overcoming road blocks
- Overcoming the pressure to "Just do your Job"
- Seeing Beyond your initial failures
- Effective roles but true value through translating
these roles into strategies and actions.

- Nurture and develop the personas in

- Provides organizing principles around the
process of design

- A single lens into the "people" resource and
solely in developing the innovative "culture

By Tom Kelley
with Jonathan Littman

IDEO's strategies for beating the devil's advocate & driving creativity throughout your organization
MKT 411B
Presented By:
Chung-Hao Liao

The Devil's Advocate
- Drowns new initiative in negativity
- Idea wrecker
- Sees only the problems, the downside, the
Innovation Personas
The Learning Personas
- The Anthropologists

- The Experimenter

- The Cross-Pollinator
The Organizing Personas
- The Hurdler

- The Collaborator

- The Director
The Building Personas
- The Experienced Architect

- The Set Designer

- The Care Giver

-The Storyteller
"The Devil's Advocate may never go away, but on a good day, the ten personas can keep him in his place. Or tell him to go to hell." said Tom Kelley
Gather new sources of information to expand their knowledge and grow
Even the best ideas must continuously compete for time, attention, and resources
Apply insights from the learning roles and channel the empowerment from the organizing roles to make innovation happen.
- Ventures into the field to observe human behavior to bring learning to the innovation process
- Vuja De- see the common for the first time

- "Bug List" and "Idea Wallet"

- Maintain a spirit of
" I have not failed. I merely found ten thousand ways that won't work." - Thomas Edison
The Cross-Pollinator
- Draws associations and connections between seemingly unrelated ideas or concepts to break new ground.
- Pie Tins ---> Frisbee
"Leave the beaten track occasionally and dive into the woods. Every time you do so, you will be certain to find something that you have never seen before." -Alexander Graham Bell
The Collaborator
- Fosters teamwork to support innovation

- Coach vs. Boss

- The shared journey
The Director
- Assembles talents within the organization to
spark new outcomes
- Big picture thinking
- Target opportunities, shoot for the moon
"I dream for a living" -Steven Spielberg
The Experienced Architect
The Set Designer
The Caregiver
The Storyteller
- Stop being ordinary, be extraordinary
- Designing experiences beyond functionality
to connect at a deeper level
"The "value added" for most any company, tiny or enormous, comes from the Quality of Experience provided." - Tom Peters
- Creates the stage and sets of environment to
promote an innovative, energetic culture
- Anticipates customers needs and goes beyond
- Creates relationships
"Think one customer at a time and take care of each on the best way you can."
- Gary Comer, Founder of Lands' End
"The universe if made of stories, not of atoms."
- Muriel Rukeyser
- Build internal morale and external awareness through
- Spark emotion and action
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