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Amirul Faiz

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Capstone

Stallions13 - Anti-Flattening Tire Device
Capstone Design
Anti-Flattening Tire Device
5 Stages in Designing
1st Stage: Market Analysis
2nd Stage: House Of Quality
3rd Stage: Concept Generation
4th Stage: Concept Evaluation
5th Stage: Designing
Stage 1: Market Analysis
Distributed our survey to students and staffs of Uniten as well as doing online survey.
Stage 2: House Of Quality
From this analysis, it is shown that customers choose operation as the most important thing in our project

3rd Stage: Concept Generation
Morphological Method
Helps us to understand the function of each parts and devices before we design it in form.
Divides the problem into smaller sub problems, and each problem to have their solution concepts.
The Team
Consist of 3 parts
Project Description
Project Objective
Problem Statement
Project Descriptiom
This project is to create and design a device to overcome a problem of flattening tire for vehicle on the roadway.
It is also to enhance the knowledge of the Mechanical Design Methodology.
This project to build a teamwork situation and to solve a problem from our daily life.
Project Objectives
Time effective and cost efficiency
Increase safety in the roadway
To reduce cause of vehicle accident
To demonstrate the critical thinking
To improve in soft skills
Problem Statement
Problem is time constraint especially during working or urgent time.
Safety while changing tire in the roadway.
A lot of road accident cause from tire flattening.
Long term usage of that device and saving cost.
Stage 4: Concept Evaluation
Modified Pugh Method
Not all of these concepts are feasible.
readiness of the technology.
requirement and target identified in House of Quality
took 5 from the rest after weightage.
Set a pugh matrix
The concept 1 is chosen because of highest score among other concepts.

The sub functions that we selected in concept 1 are:-

Power Supply Systems – Transducer
Indicator Systems – Sound and Light System
Sensor Systems – Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
Operating System – Automatic
Installation System – Rim Tires
Pressure System – External Compressor
Material - Metal

Stage 5: Designing



Indicator System


Design of Anti-Flattening Tire

Exploded View

Sample Calculation
To maintain pressure of
29 Psi
in the tire,
26.42 Gallon per minutes of air
needed to be sucked-in into the tire by using
0.3 hP
compressor which needs
223.7 W
to operate. The power will be converted by using the tranducer and the amount of sound vibration needed to complete it is only
Cost Analysis
5052 Aluminum Sheet 1x4 inch RM 21.60
Sound Tranducer TDH30 RM 89
Small Air Compressor RM 50
Dorman 974-009 TPMS RM 26

* Half price for each component
* Overhead Cost
* Labor Cost
* Marketing Cost

A complete set of a Anti Flattening Tire Device cost
This innovation can bring many help
Suppose to be in the market
Great innovation for a better future.
Mohamed Amirul Faiz Bin Mohamed Azlan
ME 086009
Mohamad Shahir Bin Sofian
ME 085597
Mohamad Fazreel Jelani
ME 087040
Mohamad Ikhwan Bin Mohd Shuib
ME 085595
Mohamad Nur Faiz Bin Mohd Norizan
ME 085596
Thank You
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