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Typhoid Fever

What is Typhoid Fever?

Grace Dabbs

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of Typhoid Fever

TYPHOID FEVER 2. Typhoid fever is a disease caused by the
salmoilla virus. It can be very deadly
if not treated as soon as possible. 3. Typhoid fever can only affect humans, so you usually get it by a human that is carrying it, healthy or ill. It also can spread rapidly through food and/ or water (drinks). 5. The virus can be found in contaminated food, drinks, or water. 7. If it is left untreated, Typhoid fever can be very deadly. 9. Some "identities" of Typhoid fever are rose spots, or red spots, and/ or pulse- temperature dissociation. 11. The salmonella virus causes Typhoid fever, and about 21,000,000 people each year are affected by it. Infants and 60+ usually have the worst cases. What disease does it cause? Unique/ Identifying characteristics: How dangerous is the pathogen? Where is the pathogen commonly found? How the pathogen attacks and spreads: A description of Typhoid fever: Most common victims: 4. The most common victims are usually people who are already sick with something. Symptoms 6. Headaches, dizziness, stomach aches, loss of appetite. Most effective weapons against the germ: The strongest antibiotic against it is called Vivotif Berna. ~SOURCES~ cyberschoolbus.com
PubMeb Health
netdoctor The scientific name for the bacteria is called Salmonella typhi is bacilli shaped, or rod shaped. Prezi can't italicize. D'oh.
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