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Rhino poaching in Africa

No description

kash tollis

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of Rhino poaching in Africa

Rhino poaching in Africa
by:Kash Tollis
I was deeply moved and horribly angered to learn plight of rhinos throughput Africa (and the world) today first hand. I know this photo is disturbing but there's no two ways how barbaric it is to dart a rhino and chop it's disguigishing feature from its face with a hacksaw while it's still alive. If it's still moving on the ground they'll chop it's spinal cord or bash there headstone keep the animal from moving and souring an alarm
Poachers killed over 1000 of the world remanding 25000 rhinos last year (or >4 % of the population) and have already killed at least 560 this year alone (and that's not even addressing the 250000 +/- poached in the last year world wide, an unbelievable figure!)
the Asian market sees the tusks as an elite social status (due to the extreme prices it brings and the myths that it's an aphrodisiac won't die especially sense they've started mixing Viagra with the ground remains and organized crime has taken an interest in the business, compounding the lies to drive the prices higher.
Some of these animals if found quickly enough can, can be stabilized and can love through the ordeal. Two animals were found dead a few of days ago and may have lived had they not be hiding under a think brush by there poachers.
get involved and throw your ideas and support behind the mean and women who spend and risk there lives protecting theses majestic, prehistoric animals to keep them with us a bit longer.
Poaching Rhinos
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