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Luxury Marketing : LVMH

No description

Juliette Lefort

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Luxury Marketing : LVMH

Some history...
French fashion house founded in 1854
Humble origins
1896 : Monogram canvas
Case study :
Luxury pyramid
Luxury marketing:
What is a luxury product ?
Business sectors

Fragances & cosmetics
Dior prêt-à
Main contradiction : Increase sales / Develop rarity
Luxury marketing /
traditional marketing
Worldwide presence
Worldwide campaign
Presence in capitals and big cities only
Strong & recognizable universe
Recognizable packaging
No promotions or sales
Optimal service
Founded in 1987
Merger between Louis Vuitton & Möet Hennessy
5 clusters of activity : Wine / Fashion & leather goods / Perfumes & cosmetics / Watches & jewelry / Specialist retailing
2012 : turnover of 28 billion euros
"Western art de vivre"
LVMH Group.
Mix Marketing
Unique identity : the "LV"
Distinguished quality
Attention to details
A story behind it
Own universe : travels & journeys
High prices
High value
Part of exclusive society
Limited distribution channels
Controlling place
Individual Louis Vuitton stores
Image ads
Public figures : attention, credibility & impact
Case study :
"L'Invitation au voyage"
French Elegance, Mystery, Plot, Art, Fashion and Travel
Public figures
Oldest Champagne house : for 268 years
Leader on the Champagne market ( > 25%)
Biggest vineyard & largest cellar in Champagne
Competitors : Mumm / Veuve Clicquot
Impérial /Rosé impérial /Grand vintage / Nectar impérial /Moët Ice impérial
Elegant maturity
Unique savoir-faire
Fruity taste
Symbol of pleasure, fabulous parties & splendor
Selective distribution: prestigious hotels & bars, specialized stores (ex: Nicolas, Lafayette Gourmet)
Mass distribution: supermarkets
High prices
High value : prestigious image
Double distribution:
Advertising campaigns
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