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The Chemical Change of Burning Sucrose

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Sciencegroup m

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of The Chemical Change of Burning Sucrose

The Chemical Change of Burning Sucrose
Research Question
Is burning sucrose a chemical or physical change?
If we heat sucrose in a test tube, then the sucrose will form a bubbles and will change color.
A pinch of sucrose (sugar) was added into a test tube.
The gas nob was turned on and a flint starter was used to ignite the fire.
The test tube with the sucrose was held over the bunsen burner using a test tube holder.
The sucrose was held over the burner until a reaction had occured.
After burning the sucrose around a minute or so, we started to see a reaction coming a long. We made several of observations.
The color started to turn black as time went by.
An odor developed as well after a while.
Smoke began to rise from the burning sucrose constantly.
The consistency began as a solid to a thick rubbery substance then to a syrup like form and finally it hardened.
According to our observations we can assure that this lab, that was performed, was a chemical change. The data suggest that the burning sucrose had a chemical change and a property change. In our results we clarified that the bubbles and the change of colors in this lab were examples of chemical change. We also experienced a strong foul odor that did not appear in the beginning of the experiment. As a result we had a black hardened substance left from the burning sucrose no longer being a tiny sugar. We were surprised that the sucrose was beginning to create a slimy, sticky substance. Also the fact that sucrose in the beginning is white but as it was heating it began to turn black.
Thank you for listening to our presentation!
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