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No description

Marissa Munoz

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Guadalajara

Nuestro Lenguaje
The language spoken in Guadalajara is spanish. Spanish is more common to be heard there. They are also worthy of having a dialect. The dialect spoken there is Nahualt.
La Familia
As Mexicans we have extended families in which we are close. Everyone gets along and we are there when we need each other.
Los Aztecas
El Mapa
Remedios Simples
Herbal Teas
Medicine from doctor as the last option
¿Hola como estas?
Muy bien, Gracias!
The role of the man is being the leader of the house and being the macho man, what he says goes. Also there the providers of the house hold. The women's role is to stay home and take care of the household such as cleaning and cooking. The children either go to school or start working at a young age. Elders are respected they tend to be the wise ones.
We also believe in Curanderos or Healers in times of sickness. Curanderos is an old medicine tradition
Tarde? Para Nada
At doctors appiontments we do have in mind to be on time but if we're late its not a big deal
Socially, if we go to parties it's okay to be late its not a big deal at all. Last ones to arrive last ones to leave!
The Best Part
El Hogar
Buenos Dias
Thanks for Watching
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