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Copy of Hero's Journey: Joseph Campbell's Monomyth

The hero's journey as told through LotR.

Jennifer Martin

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Hero's Journey: Joseph Campbell's Monomyth

The Ordinary
Call to Adventure
Refusal of the Call
Meeting the Mentor
Crossing the Threshold
and Allies
The Hero's Journey
The Hero's Journey:
The Monomyth and Archetype
"There are only two or three
human stories, and they go on
repeating themselves as fiercely
as if they had never happened before."--
Willa Cather
Approach the Inmost Cave
The Ordeal
The Reward
The Road Back
Return with the Elixir
Hero Undergoes Tests
What is an archetype?
Carl Jung and the "Collective Unconscious":

Jung suggests that people who have had no contact with each other at all formed similar stories to explain natural phenomena. For example: Creation stories, Cinderella stories, and flood stories are ubiquitous tales in divergent cultures.

For example: Your dreams!
People have universal dreams.
The 12 Universal Dreams and their Meanings:

Dorothy and Professor Marvel Clip
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