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Unit 1: Academic Paragraph Development

How to Summarize A Source in One Paragraph

Prof Johnson

on 19 September 2018

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Transcript of Unit 1: Academic Paragraph Development

Unit 1: (generic) Academic Paragraph Development
A middle draft of your Unit 1 Writing Assignment is due on Friday.
Your middle draft should be written to the best of your ability.
You must upload your middle draft AND print four copies and bring them to class.

Tips on How to Summarize a Source in One Paragraph
Tips on How to Summarize a Source
in a Single Paragraph
Remain objective.

Do NOT attempt to discuss EVERY idea presented by an author. Instead, find a focus. To find a focus...
Identify the topic of the work. Once you identify the topic, ask yourself, "Concerning the topic, what is ONE opinion that the author communicates?"

Create a preliminary topic sentence. For example...
In the Homework Schedule, you were asked to watch a video speech given by Sir Ken Robinson called "Changing Education Paradigms." Without looking at your notes, write a personal response/reaction.

Remember: Freewrite! Don't stop typing until I call time.
Freewrite Journal Prompt:
Sir Ken Robinson
"Changing Paradigms" by Sir Ken Robinson

In this speech, Sir Ken Robinson argues that
the education system
needs reform because
it harms children in a number of ways
Next, brainstorm all the ways in which the author SUPPORTS his or her claims. For example...

...help me out. Get out your notes from the speech (this was homework).

Volunteer board writer?

According to Robinson, HOW are children harmed by the education system?
What did you write in your notes?

TIPS Cont.
Once you've brainstormed your ideas, organize them.

What ideas go together?

Group like-ideas with like-ideas.
Finally, let's look at an actual summary paragraph; in fact...

In-Class Activity Time!
Note: Doing this will help you to identify supporting points.
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