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1920s Entertainment

No description

Andrey Khomyak

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of 1920s Entertainment

1920s Entertainment What people were doing for fun Fashion for women and men What was a Flapper? Music and hit songs/radio Theatre/film Technology Evolution of the Jazz Industry Kevin Anderson
Andrey Khomyak Louis Armstrong was often called
"Satchmo," who was part of the
evolution of the Jazz music industry.

He was considered as "the greatest
trumpet player in the world". Movie Stars Greata Garbo Buster Keaton Charlie Chaplin Greta Garbo She was born on September 18th, 1905 in Stockholm, Sweden.
She was the youngest of 3 children of a working class family.
Her first film was called Peter the Tramp which was released on December 26th 1922.
Other films she was in include The Torrent (1926), Wild Orchids (1929), and the Joyless Street (1925).
Her Father was an unskilled laborer who was often out of work in poor health, which forced his family to live constant threat of poverty. Buster Keaton He was born in Piqua, Kansas on October 4th, 1985.
He was not only very popular in America, but also in many countries around the world.
He was recognized as a comedic actor, filmmaker, producer, and writer.
The movies that He was in during the 1920s include Cops (1920), The Play House (1921), and One Week (1920). Charlie Chaplin He was born in London England on April 16th, 1889.
He was known as the "greatest comedian of all time."
The movies that Charlie Chaplin was in during the 1920s were The Gold Rush (1925), The Pilgrim (1923), and the Circus(1929).
He was a film director as well as a composer during the silent film era. During the 1920s, telephones were cordless. Information on Theatre/film Silent movies were introduced to the public in 1922. Films were an extremely popular form of entertainment. It was so popular that it was the 3rd leading business industry during the 1920s.
The introduction of Techincolor in 1926 made movies more entertaining and memorable.
The movie industry became a major part of the American industry
The first Oscars were given in 1927. The first Oscar movie was a Parmount Picture, called Wings, Emil Jennings and Janet Gaynor, which won an award for having the best acting within the film. Telephones Radio The Model Ford T Known as the "radio," radio-based technology was born in the 1920s.
The first commerical radio stationwent in the air was in 1920. By 1929, there was a well-regulated industry that came with hundreds of stations. If not, more. Henry Ford created the first set of Ford Ts that were around the 1920’s.
His car was called the Model Ford T.
The only people who owned the Model Ford T were rich.
This helped transportation much better. It also has made Americans become more Independent. By the 1920's almost every phone had a rotary dial. Antique telephones made in the 1920's were among the most popular. Women often visited parties and theaters, which - in this situation - woman wore dresses where the dresses themselves weren't able to hardrly cover their knees.
In order for someone to determine one's sexuality and sensuality, if they wanted to wear a V-neck shaped piece of clothing.
Women began to liberate themselves from constricting clothes for the first time and openly embrace more comfortable styles like pants and short skirts. Baseball games (babe ruth).
Boxing matches.
Going to the movies (silent movies).
Horse races.
Listening to the radio. First seeing in Great Britain after World War 1, girls who wore this clothing were those who in which weren't yet involved into their adulthoood.
First people to use the term in the United Statse were F. Scott Fitzgerald and John Held Jr. h The Tivoli Theatre in the 1920s
in Downers Grove, IL. The Glen Art Theatre in the 1920s
in Glen Ellyn IL.
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