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Business presentation -Eat PERU

No description

Lorena Cerrato Dianderas

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Business presentation -Eat PERU

Welcome to eatPERU where you will find... the place to find ANY food you want to we ensure our clients will... EAT DELICIOUS AND HIGH QUALITY FOOD, HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO TASTE FOOD FROM THE 3 PERUVIAN REGIONS and JUST HAVE AN EXPERIENCE! AMAZING but first, how we started... now... Our mission is to satisfy all the customers' needs and requirements by maintaining the traditional recipes of food and our characteristic and new concept. in the FUTURE... how we work!! we plan to expand around Peru and the main touristic places in the world where our magnificent cuisine will be recognized S W O T NKLM POSLavu WHAT IS IT? WE ARE USING IT BECAUSE: - Is very easy to use so there is a saving on training time.
-Total access, from any part of the world.
-It can be cancel at any time, there are no contracts.
-Great technology at an affordable price.
-It has administrative functions (keep track of inventory, cost sales, etc).
-Menu organized in an attractive way.
-Use of Apple touch devices will attract people as a new and interesting way of attending the client (swipe attractive devices). eatPERU -Our employees are selected by a series of characteristics that will have to match
with our culture.
-Varied and reasonably priced menu.
-Our service style is new to the area (POSLavu system)
-We also have a bar offering beverages related to pisco, our national drink
-Strong and good relationship with suppliers from the different regions
-Dedicated head chefs who have been taught in the cooking techniques of the three Peruvian regions and its culture
-We offer banquet and meeting facilities. With meeting rooms for large groups
and catering for social events
-We provide the clients with live entertainment, with a band playing in our larger
location and the smaller location (near neighborhoods) with a man guitar/singer
-We are team-oriented, this creates a common goal: excellent service.
-We are located in a 3 strategic places , two neighborhoods and one business -Lima is now recognized as a leading culinary tourism destination in Latin America
-Peru is facing a growing economy.
-Tourism promotion by the government
-Many conferences about learning new techniques
-Large amount of suppliers
-Growing consumption trend for the consumption in new places
-Important discoveries in technology (hardware and software) which can be used in our business organization.
-The fact that the Peruvian cuisine has been ranked in eight place of the best cuisines in the world, gives and advantage in marketing.
-We can take advantage of the new graduates of bachelor of gastronomy
-Increased culture of eating out -We don’t owe the place
-Not many locations
-High staff turnover
-Finding furniture and other materials representing the different regions.
-Lack of experience
-We will have to accommodate the three regions in order to create an environment which actually makes sense.
-Low capacity of innovation in our dishes.
-Low advertisement campaign
-Our style is not modern
-Our target people is only middle-age adults(collegues from work or family) , but no teenage people. Opportunities:
1.Peru is consider as a cultural paradise for different people.
2.The variety of food, music and dance enables the restaurant to draw people from different cultures
3. Decreased food preparation regulations
4.A decrease in the price of fresh production
5.Growing market with a significant percentage in the target market
6.New international treaties will raise the incoming of people wanting to try Peruvian food
7.High number of national consumers
8.There is even more competent staff for working efficiently in the restaurant
9.We can open in other locations along the city
10.Growing consumption trend in peruvian restaurants
11.Posibility of putting a children´s play area
12.There is an increase in people who work and are willing to spend a considerable amount of money by eating in our restaurant
13. Expand to othercities (like San Francisco or NY)
14.We can make a larger kitchen for an easy way of operation in it
15.We can get badges in order to ensure good quality food and environment
16.The possibility of alternative products and services ,at lower prices
17.Facilities to form a business
18.Lima is a cosmopolitan city
19.District support, looking for Lima to be more touristic
20.More information fairs for business management We founded with the desire to provide our customer with one of the best things Peru has got: its cuisine.
That´s why we decided to put it all together within reach of different people (Peruvians and tourists) and give them the opportunity of enjoying the most delicious flavors the fantastic Peruvian gastronomy has to offer Strengths:
1.High- quality food
2.We primarily look for the improvement of the restaurant by constantly investing on it.
3.We will use an exact amount of services needed, and as a result we will control our spending in order to increase our profit margins.
4.The business will be operated in an efficient and safe cloud system, POSLavu. We have an advanced technology working in our business (POSLavu), which will help in order to have an efficient organization.
5.The POSLavu system won´t need hours of training.
6.Extensive facilities, with a decoration that gives exclusivity to our concept (all our decoration is mix, coast, range, and jungle)
7.We have a web page, were the consumers can do reservations or seek for our main dishes.
8.We have all the economic resources needed
9.We have a clear mission and vision statement.
10. We train our employees with values, for not only making them better chefs, but better people and leaders.
11.Related to the banquet facilities , we will also offer audio and visual equipment rental
12.Excellent staff who are highly-trained and very customer attentive.
13.We assure freshness of our food in every bite, the meats are all top-shelf varieties, and the vegetables are organic .
14.We are dedicated not only to learn cooking techniques but also to master the food preparation.
15.We are willing to give the customer an excellent service.
16.We don’t offer superior prices compared to the ones other competitors have.
17.We have plenty of free parking lot available, especially for family, big meetings, etc.
18.Above the food from the 3 peruvian regions, we have one-of a kind recipes
19.Relax and comfortable environment
20.Modern kitchen equipment Weaknesses:
1.The interior is not built to provide ease in changing the design everyday , for any inconvenient
2.We have to be careful when making the physical structure , by accommodating the dinning area and the music area (in order to not disturb other clients)
3. Finding chefs and employees representing the different cultural groups and training them on the concept of the restaurant. The learning and training process starts two months before the actual opening of the restaurant.
4.In order to market the concept of the restaurant to the target market, we will have to start intense promotional activities to introduce the restaurant and get people to come to “eatPERU”
5.We don´t have endorsement of well-known brands
6.Limited beverage selection, only related to “pisco”
7.New in the market
8.We still don´t have an alcohol license.
9. The quantity of people to be hire
10.Even when our prices are reasonable, we are not seen as a diner, but as fancy restaurant
11.Is difficult to develop consistent market strategies and connect them all
12.A limited marketing budget to develop brand awareness.
13. We depend a lot in suppliers
14.The quantity of products to be bought
15. The amount of dishes to be made
16. Strict regulations for allowing too many people to be seated in the restaurant.
17. Some Apple devices may be dysfunctional
18.Some customers may worry about "tarjetas clonadas" (related to the swipe devices used within the POSLavu technology)
19.Our tools of work are prone to get damage
20.The investments we made will not be forever 1. Excessive rent increase
2. The opportunities employees have to be independent and by themselves create enterprises
3. High competition of similar business
4. Other food chain stores may offer very cheap prices against those which we wont be able to compete
5. The rental agreement may not be renewed
6 Further improvements in technology, we may not buy because of it elevated price and it will overshadow POSLavu technology
7.Economic instability in the country
8. An increase in the price of the products needed to prepare the dishes
9. Consumers seeking for new experiences
10. An increase in the minimum salary Threats:
1.The restaurant also has to develop an advertising plan that targets a wider segment of the market, not only middle-age adults.
2.Increasing kitchen infestations
3.Not very loyal consumers
4.Repairs on the street may interrupt the access of people
5.Some restaurants competitors are implementing part of the concept
6.Other restaurants in the area that already have a market segment and provide a dedicated service with better schedules
7.New food tendecies
8.The government imposes a serious of taxes
9.We have to build a “name” and be recognized, during this time, other businesses can take advantage of having new resources reaching out in benefit of them.
10. We will have to pass for a test time. This will take time and money.
11.We will have to offer, at first, low prices so people will like to try and then share their experience to other people
12.Regulatory entities that may implement rules that will harm our business
13. The distribution of Apple products may present complications (delays, etc)
14.Substitutes, such as homefood.
15. The equipment used in events(stereo, etc) may get damaged and it leave us bad
16.Any natural disaster can damage the crops
17. The equipment used for events may get damaged by the clients and we would have to take care of that expense
18. Some of our customers may complain about the noise made by the band.
19.Using a wide range of fresh ingredients expose us to a higher risk of ingredient spoilage
20. The client is more demanding because has more experience POSLavu is a point of sale application from the Mac platform and it works with the products offer by Apple.
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