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Justin Bieber

No description

Nicole Beatty

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Justin Bieber

Timeline of Bieber's Decline
Key Stakeholders
In each country
"Belieber" Fan Club members
Sponsors/Endorsement deals
Record Label
Media Reactions

2010: Bieber shows signs of stress because of lack of privacy

2010-Jan. 2013: Dated Selena Gomez

March 26: Bieber's Calif. neighbors accused him of assault and threat

April 12: wished that Anne Frank "would have been a belieber" - had she not, you know, died in a concentration camp?

April 25: Swedish police raided tour bus. Found marijuana and a stun gun

June 27: sued for punching and kicking a paparazzi

July 10: TMZ publishes video of Bieber urinating in mop bucket and insulting Bill Clinton

Nov. 14: apologizes to Argentinian fans for using national flag to wipe stage after concert
Early Success
"One Time" peaked at #17 on the Billboard Hot 100
He is the first artist to gather 5 no. 1 albums before his 19th birthday
To date he has sold around 15 million albums worldwide
49.9 million twitter followers
14 million Instagram followers
YouTube hits ranging in the billions
63.5 million Facebook likes
Has released 7 studio albums to date
2 documentaries

Justin Bieber Snack Pack Pudding
JustBeats headphones & earbuds
My World scented dog tags and wristbands
One Less Lonely Girl nail polish
Justin Bieber Silly Bandz
Several Perfumes
Justin Bieber Dolls

Official Statements + Social Media
• News releases
- apologized to Bill Clinton (statement and phone)

- apologized to Argentinian fans

Melissa Victor, publicist
Justin vs. the media
Scooter Braun, manager
Usher Raymond, mentor
Twitter Response

Viral Stakeholder
Rolling Stone Progression
fall of a pop icon"

Automated search results

"Mannish Boy"
"God, Girls, and Boatloads of Swag"
News Coverage
Mugshot Merch
Neighborhood protest hoax
Viral YouTube Rants
"Journals" album released December 23, 2013
"Justin Bieber ends a bad year with a bad album." -
Washington Times
, Dec. 2013
"...it's clear that as a performer, he still has a lot of growing up to do." -
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
, Dec. 2013
"[Journals is] neither the profound diary or studio album it could have been." -
Verdens Gang
, Dec. 2013
Believe movie released December 25, 2013
"Pop star Justin Bieber's new film has bombed at the US box office with his new concert documentary Believe." -
The Independent, Dec. 2013
"'Believe' Promo Is a Bummer" -
THR, Dec. 2013
Arrest video footage
CBS, March 3rd
"Justin Bieber's Wild Ride" CNN, one week after arrest

News coverage
39 articles within 24 hours on March 4th, over 5 weeks after arrest
NBC, CBS, Washington Post, Huffington Post
IRISH independent
Perez Hilton, TMZ
Jan. 14: Bieber detained while police investigate his involvement in a felony egging incident. Found drugs in his house and arrest his friend

Jan. 18: Bieber fires security guard

Jan. 23: Bieber arrested for drag-racing and DUI

Feb.: abusive to flight attendant and smoked weed on plane
"We The People"...
1. media failure to fact check
2. a topic press LOVES to write about
3. event itself sounds plausible
• Statement to Us Weekly about photo of Bieber spitting on fans from a balcony in Toronto

• Allison Kaye, GM of Scooter Braun Projects, releases statement on Bieber retirement rumors

• Scooter Braun interview with GQ (March 2014 issue)
The Regular Guys go viral with protest,
CNN, CBS Atlanta, E! Online, Atlanta Business Chronicle, etc.
Bieber, Justin. Twitter. https://twitter.com/justinbieber
Caulfield, K. (2013, February 6). Justin Bieber Becomes First Artist With Five No. 1 Albums Before 19th Birthday. Billboard Biz. Retrieved from: http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/news/digital-and-mobile/1537993/justin-bieber-becomes-first-artist-with-five-no-1
Chasmar, Jessica. (2014). CNN Prepares for Justin Bieber Special. The Washington Times. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jan/23/cnn-prepares-wild-ride-justin-bieber-special-repor/
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Oldenburg, Ann. (2012, October 16). Justin Bieber is new face of Adidas NEO line. USA Today. Retrieved from: http://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/2012/10/16/justin-bieber-is-new-face-of-adidas-neo-line/1636751/
Owsinski, B. (2014, January 23). Justin bieber: A career cautionary tale. Retrieved from http://www.forbes.com/sites/bobbyowsinski/2014/01/23/justin-bieber-a-career-cautionary-tale/
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Singh, Sandeep. (December 2013). Justin Bieber Journals. Verdens Gang.
Stewart, Allison. (December 2013). Complete My Journals. Washington Post.
Rolling Stone. (2014, February 26). Justin bieber just won't behave: Inside rolling stone's new issue. Retrieved from http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/justin-bieber-just-wont-behave-inside-rolling-stones-new-issue-20140226
$130 Million
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