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Vaishnavi Sribhasyam

Mrs. Waggoner

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Sphinx

By Vaishnavi
Sribhasyam The Great Sphinx This sphinx is the greatest and of all sphinx's in Egypt and also in the world. The great sphinx was built about 4500 years ago. It was built for the King Thutmose IV. This is the remain of the nose for the Great Sphinx. The Appearance The Great Sphinx's appearance has changed over the years. The sphinx from front to back is about the size of a city block. It is 240 feet long, 66 feet high. It's face is 13 feet + 8 in. tall. It also wears a royal headdress. Sphinxes are used for many things. One is to guard pyramids, for example the Great Sphinx . The great sphinx guards the three pyramids. Two other reasons for the sphinx is to guard temples, honor gods. They also honor kings or queens. As you know already the Great sphinx is the oldest sphinx in Egypt. It lies in the outskirts of Giza. Did you know it was built 4500 years ago! The sphinx also lies by the pyramid of the king Khafre.The sphinx is so old that all our human pollution is causing it to crumble down! Old Present Day Today the Great Sphinx is surrounded by tourists.Over about 4500 tourists come to see the sphinx each year. Shops also surround the sphinx because, of all the tourists. They probably have great sale going. the sphinxes might have a head of a ram or lion. They also have the head of a falcon and human beings. Heads More Than Slaves The sphinx was built by more than slaves.
Scientists believe that artisans also worked on the sphinx. Useful
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