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80s frick yeah

No description

Morgan Conley

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of 80s frick yeah

SPORTS FADS & FASHION FOOD & DRINK ECONOMY ARTS & LITERATURE MUSIC & DANCE POLITICS RECREATION & LEISURE TECHNOLOGY SNACKS 25% more calorie intake WHY? Convenient Modern Accessible Sugar and fat = good taste Less mothers at home In the 1980s, the amount of Americans consuming three or more snacks a day increased from 11% 42% OTHER POPULAR FOODS than the '60s Vice President: George Bush President: Ronald Reagan
Average Salary- $15,757

Minimum Wage- $3.10 Recession 1980-1982
National Debt- $9 billion
Inflation- 13.5%

Unemployment- 5.8% How did the United States get out of the recession?
Reduce taxes therefore people can keep more of what they earned in hope that people would work harder and longer.

National Debt: $2 Billion by 1986 GUESS THE COST! New home: $76,400 Gallon of regular gas: $1.25 Gallon of milk: $2.16 Dozen eggs: $0.91 Collectables Exercise
Via RV or car

Within the United States 1980s
Music Boom Reagan's Economic Policy: New Genres New Wave/ Synthpop Glam Rock 1980: Thrash Metal -War begins between Iraq and Iran Classic Rock Rap Fun Fact~ Mount St. Helens erupted in Washington state and 36 died. 1981: Synthesizer is main instrument -Attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan The Police B-52's Duran Duran Rock mixed with pop Flamboyant costumes worn by band Motley Crue Poison Twisted Sister Electrifying guitar riffs Headbanging beats Enjoyed at very loud volumes Metallica Megadeth Slayer The rock and roll from the 1960s was still going strong Aerosmith Van Halen Def Leppard These bands are still popular today Rap had just begun to evolve in this era First rap song ever: Rapture by Blondie 1:50 Movement towards electrical instruments Why such music popularity? MTV Video killed the radio star Miracle On Ice USA v. USSR 1980 Winter Olympics Herb Brooks Baseball Philadelphia Phillies v. Kansas City Royals 1980 World Series Pete Rose gambling accusations MISCELLANEOUS! SMU Football Scandal Booster money from mid-1970s-1986 "death penalty" 1987 season canceled 1988 not enough players for a team Rosie Ruiz 1980 Boston Marathon Fastest female time in history Title stripped Didn't run the complete course U.S. Olympic Boxing Team Headed to Warsaw, Poland to train for 1980 Olympics 22 members killed in plane crash 14 were amateur and mostly teens 1980 Summer Olympics Held in Moscow Boycott led by the United States Stemmed from the Soviet Union invasion in Afghanistan 65 countries didn't participate 1983: Fun Fact~ Prince Charles and Lady Diana get married. -President Reagan proposes the "star wars" 1984-86: -Space shuttle Challenger explodes after take off Fun Fact~ Bishop Desmond Tutu receives the Nobel Peace Prize. 1987: -Black Monday world stock market crash. Fun Fact~ Bill gates, 32 year old founder of Microsoft becomes microcomputers' first billionaire. 1988-89: -George Bush becomes President -US and Canada sign a Free Trade Agreement Fun Fact~ A McDonald's opens in Moscow. -Berlin wall crumbles Bill Gates Ronald Reagan George H.W. Bush Princess Diana What major event in the economy happened during the 80's? Who was the president during the beginning of the 80's? The end? 1981 More exposure for artists Much different today FILL IN
THE BLANK! "Sweet _____ O' Mine" "Karma ___________" "Tainted _____" "I Want _____" Technology Timeline First Personal Computer July 1,
1980 Windows and DNA Fingerprinting April 3: Laptop
April 7: Synthetic Skin
May 22: Disposable Camera March 21,
1985 1986 May 23: Gameboy
November 24: Electronic
Pocket Calculator 1987 Sega Genesis January 9,
1989 "Pour Some ______ On Me" "Foot____" "____ Shack" October 1,
1982 CD Player WHAT'S IN Studded Jewelery Cropped Leather Jackets Big Hair Leg Warmers
Acid Washed Jeans
The Preppie Look
Oversized Shirts
Guess Jeans
Swatch Watches
Jelly Shoes
Chuck Taylors by Converse
Sleeves and Jeans Rolled
Stirrup Pants
Jump Suits
Gold Chains
Overalls SLANG Bad - Cool

Bod - Body

No Duh - No Really

What's Your Damage? -
What's Your Problem? DECODE: Ew, that hot dish was like grody to the max. Whoever cooked that better bag their face because it was like totally unrighteous. Righteous - Awesome

Gnarly - Tough

Bag Your Face - Your Face is Ugly

Take A Chill Pill - Calm Down

Grody To The Max - That's Gross Neon Brights Denim Pencil Skirts Layered Clothes Colored Funky Hair Overloaded Pink Blush Pineapple Hairdos Major Hairspray Glitzy Earrings Sharp Edges Large Shoulder Pads DANCING! Herb Brooks'
Miracle on Ice Speech US hockey team played the Soviets during the 1980 Winter Olympics. Slam Poetry Form of self-expression
for teens and African Americans. Founded by Marc Smith in November 1984. Speech not only inspired his team to win, but inspired the nation. Role Fun Fact~ Severe winter in Europe kills more than 100 people. GUESS WHO! Life Saving Convenience Globalization Improved Standard of Living The Sprinkler Moonwalk -A bomb planted by the Shi'ite Muslims destroys the US embassy in Beruit THANKS FOR WATCHING! Travel Minnesota Twins v. St. Louis Cardinals 1987 World Series
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