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What task does a Robot toy perform?

No description

Anna Roberto

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of What task does a Robot toy perform?

Robot Toy's
By: Anna Roberto

What task does a Robot toy perform?
Amusement, companionship, knowledge, learning, etc.
Where is the robot used?
the robot is used indoors and outdoors.
is the robotic end effector multifunctional?
No, the robotic end effector is not multifunctional
How is the keepon taught to perform?
the Keepon is taught to perform by a Teleoperator.

What sensors does a Keepon have?
The keepon has four sensors around the body and on atop of its head.
What are some advantages and disadvantages?
Advantage- It can help a autistic child with behavior.
Disadvantage- It could confuse the child
Describe the impact hat the keepon has on its intended audience.
it helps autistic children with behaviors, social development and many more.
What type of jobs does the Keepon provide people?
They provide jobs for builders. because they need people to build the keepon's and they need teleoperators to control them.
predict how the Keepon may be altered to perform more or different task in the future.
In the future Keepon's may be able to teach and help children other than ones with disabilities with behavior and more.
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