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The Steps of Sewing

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Library Media

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of The Steps of Sewing

The Steps of Sewing
The Second Step

By: Mary Frances Springfield
What is Sewing?
Sewing is when you get fabric and a special machine to stitch your seams and make something out of fabric or cloth.
The First Step
Decide what you want to make.You can make lots of different stuff like pants, shorts, skirts, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, doll clothes, blankets, and much more. Get fun fabric and cut out the pattern. You want to be careful not to cut on the inside of the pattern so you can use it again and so you don't mess up what you are sewing. If you mess up, you can no longer use the pattern. If you still want to sew what ever you were sewing, just trace the old pattern.

The Third Step
When you put the elastic in, you put it in by pinning a safety pin and pushing it through. Then take it out, and stitch it up.
The Finished Product
When you are finished, you will be amazed with your work. As my mom says "A folded up square of fabric can turn into an amazing creation." Whether it's a blanket to clothing it's always a sense of accomplishment.
Read the pattern. Take the fabric to the sewing machine. Then sew the parts together if you are making clothing. If you are making a blanket just him up the sides. Also, if you are making clothing, him up the edges. Then if you are making pants or shorts or any bottoms put the elastic through the waist band.
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