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Certifly, automate your safety compliance

Based on IBM Jazz technologies, certifly automates the generation of your safety compliance documents sourcing your data wherever they are

Olivier d'Arros

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Certifly, automate your safety compliance

Traditional approach to safety compliance b) manual copy paste project data into certification documents a) still considered as paper work c) no reuse from one program to the other ARP4754
Case Study Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? Rene Birthday from 20% to 40% are written like text of laws standards Safety Compliance risks and efforts For System Engineers, Certification Managers, Program Managers and Engineers who are not safety specialists DO-178 DO-178
Case Study: Reduce increase on your program
engineering budget Lifecycles Plans Iterations on the certification documents 3 5 77 Aircraft Functional Hazard Assessment (FHA) System FTAs Understanding the Problem Understanding The Challenge complexity level ARP4754 System Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEAs) 1 Is this the only way? LET"S BAIDU IT! How can we automatically generate the documents? Question What to do? safety compliance is costly 4 years delay guess
what? and so painful... costly but also risky! ? Generate safety compliance documents driven by data. Push waypoints in the workflow to add more verification after a special event Traceability DOORS & ClearCase automatic configuration Secure
and optimize Safety Compliance How EESYO lijun.ma@eesyo.com
+86 (21) 5160 2246*108 sales Enforce Process Assurance engineering costs delay costs safety compliance is risky call EESYO T H N A K Y O U P R E Z I Why What How this has become too complex to manage it manually Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Risk is becoming way higher Certifly brings rules Certifly brings regulations each iteration is a V-Cycle in which you need traceability You spend more time on showing traceability than doing the actual work 3 Standards 37 Criterion 3 Guidelines 18 Phases 96 Processes 36 Roles/Resources 29 Reviews 45 Checklists October 10, 2012: Toyota to hold world's biggest car recall in 16 years 27,200 pacemakers from Ventak recalled due to electronic faulty part based on Certifly brings expertise powered by Examples :
- Automatic compilation after source code change
- Integrity check after design change
- Integrity check after requirement change in partnership with Integration Rational legacy Server side integration SCM: CVS, Subversion Problem Reports: JIRA Client side integration IDE: Aonix, WindRiver, CodeWarrior

IV&V: LDRA, Coverity, Polyspace Open platform based on Aircraft Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) System FHAs items FTAs item FMEAs number of iterations 1 72 72 over 100 over 100 over 100 with Product Software System DO178 ARP4754 ISO26262 IEC61513 FDA CFR 21 Part 11 roadmap EN50128 DO-178B/C
DO-297... ISO26262
AUTOSAR EN50128 IEC 61513 FDA CFR 21 Part 11 Safety Compliance
is one of the highest priorities and challenges of your customers in the following industries 82 powered by During Certifly project initialization with and shell scripts plugged in Certifly

- Automatic creation of DOORS database and decomposition in modules (based on Sytem/Software architecture / components)
- Automatic configuration of ClearCase UCM streams, baseline & snapshots (based on Sytem/Software architecture / components and project organization) OSLC for software-intensive Systems How can we bring ready-to-use processes to the users ? Question
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