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Jonas Brothers vs. Justin Bieber

No description

Solla Park

on 21 September 2010

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Transcript of Jonas Brothers vs. Justin Bieber

People can't tell the difference between real talent and forced product. People overlook and judge music they know nothing about. If not their taste....they hate. ...examples? debuted in 2007 -movies -world tours -volunteering -awards -albums and too much more... Best point? they.write.their.own.songs. WHY? cause if: Singers sing -passionately
-naturally and that's what true talent is. Doesn't matter if you can't sing- as long as you feel, love and know what you're singing and still going strong with: -own TV shows from hardships in life to Their lyrics are about everything, Pick up all your tears,
throw them in the backseat,
leave without a second glance,
somehow I'm to blame,
in this never ending racetrack
you call life... Their songs are poetry if not sung. You'll naturally win a Grammy. So don't hate, APPRECIATE. ...the real talent! ...but if you really need to Justin Bieber ... why is he a forced product? Can he sing? ....I don't know, you decide. Does people like his high voice? But does he have real talent? 99.9% of his songs are about love. How old is he? ....16 Would he know what love is? N . Does he write his own songs? 9 people wrote the song . Not including him. 9 people wrote one word. Chorus:
And I was like baby, baby, baby, OH
baby, baby, baby NO
baby, baby, baby OH
Thought you'd always be mine. His usual hobbies are: "loving" older women not knowing what Germany is getting hit by water bottles walking into glass doors Does he at least- role model grow Yet- he holds YouTube record for Most Viewed has 13 million fans on Facebook (when Jonas Brothers have 5 million) Life really is unfair. But be smart, choose for yourself. Which JB? You decide. are shadowed by JBieb's overrated publicity. volunteer ...and other unethical things. That's not right. A lot of talented singers
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