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Due to fallen price in oil

No description

Shannon Fredericks

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of Due to fallen price in oil

Recycling Becomes a Tougher
Sell as Oil Prices Drop

As Oil Prices Plummet Recycling Suffers
Graham Coughlin and
Shannon Fredericks
Pareto Optimality/Pareto Efficiency
It is impossible to improve one thing without making something else worse off.
What Happened?

Recycled or New?

Who does this affect?

Basic Economic Concepts
Cost of Production
Government Policy
Expectations of Recyling plants

Graph of PET Vs. Recycled PET
People want to help environment but at what out of pocket costs?
Due to fallen price in oil, new plastic has become cheaper to work with
At the start of the year New PET cost $.83 per pound and Recycled PET cost $.71
Now New PET costs $.67 per pound (vs. $.72 per pound of recycled PET)
Main Idea
Source- Plastic News
The Wall Street Journal
Benches in Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World
Source: allears.net
Georgi Kantchev & Serena Ng
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