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Thea Boundy

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Germany

By Thea Boundy
& Jessica Powel Germany About 2.1% Growth Rate Manufacturing/Industrial Germany's Main Job About 15.5% % Below Poverty When the smog in the air gets too bad
they make you drive under a
certain speed on the Autobahn
(Freeway) Adaptations/Modifications
to environment about 81,725,000 Population About 76 for men & 82 for women Life Expectancy Democracy Government Type Male/Female 101/5 Death Rate About 11.04/1,000 Literacy Rate 99% Per Capita GDP About $37,900 GNP About 671.90 Major Exports Motor vehicles & machinery
Germany's main trade partners
are France, The United States,
United Kingdom, and Italy. Education Rankings The Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat
in Munchen, is #45 with about an 67.6% average : : Germany is in the North-Eastern hemisphere & is located in Europe. Average Salary About 60,000 EUR
($74,000) Economic System Free Market System Level of Development Developed Country Economic Activities Tourism, wine exports, automotive exports, & pharmaceutical & technological activities Major Landforms Oceans Rivers Mountains How the government affects the country The people get to elect their Government, they can buy and sell what they choose, & they are free to travel The Northern European Plain, stretching from Northern France to Western Russia , the Black Forest, & the Berlin wall Baltic Sea and
the North Sea Alps & Harz Rhine River, Mosel River,
Danube River, Oder River, Elbe River.
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