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Marketing Strategy

Joshua Stephens

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Mednet

Calculating Windham's ROI for Marvel Number of click-throughs = 798,000

Cost per click-through = $0.54

Total investment cost = (798,000 * .54) = $430,920

Profit is $287,280 Total number of impressions = 17,200,000

Cost per thousand impressions = $100

Total investment cost = $1,720,000

Profit = $2,924,000 ROI = Profit / Investment

ROI = $2,924,000 / $1,720,000

ROI = 1.7 (+$0.70 per $1.00) ROI = Profit / Investment

ROI = $287,280 / $430,920

ROI = .67 (-$0.33 per $1.00) Calculating Windham's ROI for Mednet Mednet has a 3% click-through rate with 6% of those click-throughs making a purchase


Marvel has a 1.4% click-through rate with 2% of those click-throughs making a purchase Mednet.Com Background Mednet was founded in 2002 with 3 goals To generate profits from advertising sales Background In just one year the company met all their goals In 2006, Mednet generated 12 million dollars in advertisement revenue while reaching 4.3 million monthly visitors Core Strengths Mednet.Com is an award winning health information site that is considered to be the best health website for trusted, evidence based, consumer health information Competition Mednet has to compete for visitors as well as advertisers Trusted

Backed by 24 doctors, designers, administrators and journalists

Easy to navigate

User friendly This is achieved because Mednet.com is; And Aleka Greeley, Sarah Morrell, Joshua Stephens Non Profit Organizations U.S National Laboratory of Medicine &
World Heath Organization (WHO)
They are not user friendly
as well written Search Engines For Profit Organizations Cholesortal.com & Clinicaltrials.com

These sites allow for consumer to focus only on the information they want

They are not as comprehensive Alternativehealth.com

Have large customer base

Not all information is scientifically backed

Visitors do not trust pharmaceutical companies Marvel
(Think Google) Has the largest consumer base at 19 million monthly visiotrs

Size allows them to charge advertisers a lower cost per click With all the other sites available why should Windham Pharmaceutical stay with Mednet.com? The Problem Mednet's largest advertiser
Windham Pharmaceuticals wants to change the way they do business with them. They might even leave Mednet and focus their advertising budget on competing sites By The Decision How can Mednet convince Windham Pharmaceuticals to continue advertising, without rethinking the goals they were founded on What Makes Mednet.Com The Better Choice? Recommendation Mednet should not rethink their core business strategy Thank You Their core strengths enable them to be strong where others are weak Visitors find ads on Mednet.com more appealing and helpful Mednet has the highest return on investment (ROI) Mednet has a high return
rate with 93% of visitors saying
they will return when they need medical information Competition is seen from 3 sources Charges advertisers on a
cost-per-thousand impressions basis Mednet

The CPM Method Marvel

Method Charges advertisers on a cost-per-click basis These sites are trusted
comprehensive Advertisements are not efficient

Consumers are not searching for advertisers product

Consumers may end up at Mednet.com Condition specific Sites Alternative Health Sites Mednet.com ROI of 1.7 Questions
Comments? Mednet.Com Aleka Greeley, Sarah Morrell, Joshua Stephens ROI of .67 To provide scientifically based medical information to a nonprofessional consumer audience To Provide this information for free $3.33 per click-through $0.54 per click-through Mednet has higher click-through rate This increases the likelihood that visitors will click on an advertisement and make a purchase Instead They should use their core strengths combined with the metrics to persuade Windham Pharmaceuticals to continue advertising with them. Marvel.com Mednet.com is the best choice for advertisers By
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