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Mrs. Damrauer, School Counselor

About My School Counselor

Jodie Damrauer

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Mrs. Damrauer, School Counselor

Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr
Why have a School Counselor?
Individual Counseling
School Counselors work with students to support them academically, personally, socially, and with career needs.
Provide support for students about topics such as: friendships, bullying, grief counseling, divorce, anxiety, adjustments, anger management, and behavior.
Sessions may occur during a single session, or for a few consecutive sessions.
Sessions usually last 15-30 minutes.
Students work in groups of 2-6
Share ideas about specific issues and help each other resolve concerns.
Benefits students personal confidence and social skills in learning how to empathize and support one another.
Educational lessons that teach students personal, social, career, and educational development.
Lessons cover goals incorporated into the school curriculum.
Some lessons made include: bullying, test anxiety, transitioning to middle school, and friendship.
Classroom Guidance
Small Group Counseling and Group Guidance
Counselors plan a comprehensive program for students based on State Standards as well as National School Counseling Standards.
There are multiple ways a School Counselor works with students:
Individual counseling
Small group counseling
Classroom guidance
School Counselors provide a number of mental health services in schools to include: preventative services, developmental activities, and remedial interventions
About Your School Counselors
Jodie Damrauer - I received a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Science with a specialty in Early Childhood from The Ohio State University, and received my Master of Education in School Counseling from Campbell University.
Aneesah Thomas - I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Psychology from UNC-Wilmington. After teaching for 5 years, I obtained a Master of Arts in School Counseling from North Carolina Central University. I am also a Licensed Professional Counselor, doing part time out-patient therapy.
Counselors work with Students
School Counselors Collaborate
School Social Worker
School Psychologist
All Faculty and Staff
School Resources
Community Resources
Students are informed at the onset about the process of the counseling relationship. Informed consent is explained to students in a developmentally appropriate manner, including limits to confidentiality. A trusting relationship is essential and therefore confidentiality is taken very seriously to protect the rights of every student.
Referral Process
Students can be referred for services through their parents, teachers, or self. All students have a right to school based counseling services if they choose.
Students Have Rights
Do Counselors Work Alone?
A Comprehensive School Counseling Program takes a collaborative effort to provide data-driven services in supporting personal/social, academic, and career development for all students.
My School Counselors
A Comprehensive School Counseling Program
has 4 Parts:
Use of Data
Use of Time
Action Plan
Reviewing results
Evaluate the program
Here is what a comprehenisve program includes...
To learn about School Counselors, go to http://www.schoolcounselor.org/ where you can learn more about the role of the counselor and find articles and publications for students and parents.
For more information...
Knowing a school's expressed needs and resources allows a School Counselor to use research based methods in designing, implementing, and evaluating a program that best meets a community's unique needs.
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