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Psychological Analysis of Death of a Salesman through Different Perspectives


Kenneth Santos

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Psychological Analysis of Death of a Salesman through Different Perspectives

Death of a Salesman
Analysis Psychoanalytic Definition: Person's behavior is determined by primal drives and experiences; emphasizes the unconscious mind; Oedipus Linda Lets Willy shut her up because she feels it essential to put Willy's happiness first before her own Willy She is unaware/unconscious that her happiness had become Willy's happiness that she is only happy when he is. He doesn't see what has become of him
He is buried under his own dream of being as
successful as his idol,his brother, so he tries
to have his dream to be fulfilled by his sons.
The story begins as Willy tries to explain what has happened to him when he crashes the car and Linda continues to make excuses for him. Linda is Willy's enabler. Cognitive Definition: False perceptions of reality, doing things because we think they're true. Willy He sees being successful as being a well liked person so he doesn't give that much attention to Happy knowing that he is well -liked and doesn't need material things.
At the last part, Willy commits suicide. In his mind, he thinks that when he dies, Biff would earn $20,000. He thought that "giving" the money to Biff would get Biff to be ahead in his race with Bernard. Socio-Cultural Definition: Behavior is shaped by social and cultural influences; focus is on income level, gender, lifestyle, etc. Willy Willy's mind focuses on money because he sees competition with Charley. His desire for financial success could be the hype that he sees as opportunities expand everywhere. (American 1920's -Miller)
Willy acts the way he does towards Linda because in his mind he is a man and not just a man but also the father in the family. Behaviorist Definition: Behavior is based on stimulus/response or behavior/reward. Pavlov's dogs. School bell. Willy He cheats on his wife because with the other woman, she feels more appreciated. Happy Happy, a second child, says things to his parents to please them. In return, he feels that he is at least given attention.
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