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The Dragon Turn


jordan bucknell

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of The Dragon Turn

A Short Prezi
Red Maple Presentation 3 The Dragon Turn Plot Setting MY OPINION! The Wizard's Strange Death Where were they? The Most Important Thing To Know Words Mood Lestrade was so MAD! Theme He wants to prove he is best detective In my opinion, The Dragon Turn is an exceptional book with a very interesting plot set back late in the 1800's. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves mysteries and the greatest detective of all time: SHERLOCK HOLMES! But, you would have to read the first 4 books before this one just because it's a series and The Dragon Turn is the 5th book. I give this book a 4.9 out of 5 stars. By: Shane Peacock Jordan Bucknell 1st part 2nd part 3rd part tempestuous-
vehemently- aback-
motley- Quotes Sub-characters Sherlock Holmes
Irene Doyle
Simerson Bell
Beatrice Leckie Main Characters Inspector Lestrade
Young Lestrade
Miss Venus
Mrs. Nottingham
Mr. Riyah (The Wizard of Nottingham)
His Highness Alistair Hemsworth Characters The Dragon Turn starts off at the Egyptian Hall theater where Sherlock Holmes and his girlfriend, Irene Doyle, are watching His Highness Hemsworth, a mediocre magician with a popular hit. He has produced a dragon: put in a cage with his assistant, the exotic Venus. After His Highness's performance, Sherlock and Irene go backstage to meet him only to find out that Inspector Lestrade and his son, Lestrade Jr. have arrested him. They say that he murdered the Wizard of Nottingham. After some convincing from Irene to prove that Hemsworth is innocent, Sherlock joins the case. After Sherlock eventually found enough evidence to prove that Hemsworth was innocent, Sherlock thought that Hemsworth actually murdered the Wizard. After sneaking behind furious Lestrade's watchmen, he found more convincing evidence proving that Hemsworth was the guilty one and that Hemsworth used a dragon. After a final act by Hemsworth, Sherlock found a lizard-like beast that chased him until it escaped at the wharf. Back at the police station, Mr. Riyah was found out to be the Wizard, who both him and Hemsworth were sent to jail. Words Words Quotes 1st part 2nd part 3rd part tempestuous-stormy, tumultuous
ignominious-marked by shame or
statuesque-like a statue
vehemently-expressing in a strong or forceful attitude disconcerted-ruffled, upset and embarrassed
omnibus-a bus
terminus-the end
clairvoyant-able to see things that cannot be perceived by the normal senses
erroneously-incorrectly aback-backwards
infinitesimal-vanishingly small
inclement-stormy, of rough weather
mews-an alley where there are stables
motley-having many colors Scotland Yard
End Of The World Hotel Basement-Crime Scene
Cremorne Gardens
The Apothecary Shop
Egyptian Hall
Egyptian Hall Backstage
Back Alley Behind the Egyptian Hall
Underground Feeding Pit
Egyptian Hall Basement
Beach Entrance to the Feeding Pit In The Dragon Turn, everyone was either desperate, happy, sometimes sad and furious. I mean, when Sherlock said and proved that Hemsworth was innocent to Inspector Lestrade at Scotland Yard, his whole face lit up red. He was FURIOUS. Irene seemed happy when Sherlock agreed to prove Hemsworth's innocence, and seemed desperate when she begged for him to do it. The sad part in the story happened when Beatrice Leckie came to Sherlock saying that his father was growing ill. The moods did vary through parts of the story. Basically, Sherlock wants to prove that he is the greatest detective of all time. He wants make himself worthy of that position. "Here's your choice. . . . Find me a real, live dragon, and prove that Hemsworth used it to kill Nottingham. . . or I destroy your future! What do you think your chances are, half-breed? I have the power to end your dreams, and I am about to do it. I shall detail to the press, detail, how you have interfered with police affairs before. How you are the trickster behind freeing a man whom the entuire Metropolitan London Police Force believes is the murderer of the nation's most popular showman! I know what you want to do with your life, boy!" -Inspector Lestrade
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