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Reception: Fans and Active Audiences of Convergence TV

No description

Anne Kustritz

on 7 May 2018

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Transcript of Reception: Fans and Active Audiences of Convergence TV

Reception: Fans and Active Audiences of Convergence TV
Michel DeCerteau, “Walking in the City.”
Laura Felschow, " 'Hey, Check it Out, There's Actually Fans:' (Dis)Empowerment and (Mis)Representation of Cult Fandom in Supernatural.”
The Baker Street Irregulars,
Founded 1934, Pictured 1947
1880s - Austenolatry
1894 - Janeites
1940 - The Jane Austen Society
Société Jules Verne 1935
" 'The Epic Love Story of Sam and Dean:' Supernatural, queer readings, and the romance of incestuous fan fiction"
by Catherine Tosenberger
The Great Hiatus: 1891-1894, 1893-1903(1)
Eve Sedgewick "Between Men"
Leslie Fiedler "Come Back
to the Raft Ag'in, Huck Honey"
Stanley Fish
Ien Ang
Elizabeth Long, "Textual Interpretation as Collective Action,"
"The Adoring Audience"
John Fiske
Star Trek Original Series, 1966-69
First Star Trek Convention, 1972
The Big Bang Theory, 2007
The X-Files, 1993-2002 - 2001
Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 1997-2003
Resistance vs Reproduction vs Reincorporation
Activity vs Passivity
Material versus representational resistance
Multiple axes of hierarchy and oppression
Multiple fan audiences
Changing relationship between producers and audiences
Self-Organized cult media cultures
Commercial fan interactivity across media platforms
Independent new media remix and interactivity
Contemporary Audience Landscape
Casual viewers
Contemporary Qustions
Organized "strong ties" vs unorganized "loose ties"
Commercial vs non-profit (or gift economy)
Historical development and continuity vs instantaneous/spontaneous emergence
Marcel Mauss, "The Gift"
Reciprocal Exchange
Pro-Social Reputation Enhancement (i.e. Generosity)
Anti-Social Reputation Enhancement (i.e. Waste, Thwarted Reciprocity)
Gray, Jonathan. “Antifandom and the Moral Text,” American Behavioral Scientist 48.7 (2005): 840-858.
The Metropolitan Opera, New York
Phantom of the Opera, Movie
The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky
Ernani by Verdi
Fans: Fanatic, The Crowd, The Mass, Youth
Intellect, Individuality, Distinction, Maturity
Ward, Susan. “Hoodlum
and Interactive Television.” Communication, Politics, and Culture, v42, n2, 2009. 136-158.
A Short History of Organized Fans,
and Fan Representations
Active Audiences and Taste Cultures
The Bastille
Haunted Spaces
Nowhen or Haunted Space?
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