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Women's Homefront and Battlefront Roles

The duties of Women during the Civil War at home and on the battlefield.

Michael Foggia

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Women's Homefront and Battlefront Roles

The women of the North and South did things during the war that did nothing but help the efforts of both sides. Women had not played a big role like this in any other war before this. Women did not just help the war effort at home either, many woman helped right on the battlefield. Women's Roles South North The South had less money than the North and couldn't form just one big women's society instead women did their work through smaller local organizations. Women in the South did the same things as Northern women for the most part. They cooked and sewed for their soldiers and provided supplies for them, uniforms, blankets, pillows, etc.
Homefront Roles What Southern Woman did during the Civil War on the battlefield was considered by many as "improper" for women. Woman did the same thing as the North. They Nursed soldiers back to health, cared for the sick and comforted those about to die. However, unlike the North most of their nurse work was done in their own homes instead of a hospital. The role of Woman was much harder in the South. Battlefront Roles When the war began the Union women organized the ladies' aid society which helped the war effort from home by:
Baking and canning food for the soldiers
Sewed uniforms and knitted socks and gloves
Mended blankets, quilts and pillowcases
Organized door-to-door fundraising programs
Homefront Roles As the war went on many women wanted to get in on the action and help the war effort at the front lines. Woman helped on the battlefield by:
Nurses cared for the sick and injured soldiers
Created the United States Sanitary Commision
Kept the camps clean and sanitary
Acted as mothers to some soldiers Battlefront Roles During the Civil War over 400 women disguised themselves as men and fought in the war! Did you Know? http://www.history.com/topics/women-in-the-civil-war Works Cited
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