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Religion- Role model project: Mother Teresa

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Maria Eisenhardt

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Religion- Role model project: Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa entered her long journey with the inspiration of her mother. After her father died, her mother changed their house into the religious center of the town. We chose our journey with help from our parents. Our parents raise us by our faith, it is who we are. Our faith gives us inspiration, curiousity, and strength. The second page is about Mother Teresa's child hood. She was born on August 27, 1910. She was named Gonxa, an Albanian name. Her father was an Albanian patriot. Mother Teresa's father died on the way home from a political meeting. Her brother and sister starting working at their nearby catholic church. Their mother took in a woman that was battling cancer, because there family could no longer take care of her. Mother Teresa never forgot her mothers kindness, and this fed her desire to be a missionary. When she was 18, she left her homeland and family. She joined the Loreto sisters in Dublin, Ireland. She began her life as a missionary. She took her vows and changed her name to Teresa. Mother Teresa received many contributions and donations for her charity in Calcutta. A house, known as the Mother House, was built and was one of the biggest donations. The nuns learned how to save more people by being taught to care for the sick and dying. The nuns needed extra room, and were given a place in the Temple of Kali, where they could bring the dying people off the streets. They built homes and establishments for the sick and abandoned children. Mother Theresa donated ten years working in Calcutta. It became a better place because of her. Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.
- Mother Teresa Peace begins with a smile.
- Mother Teresa If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
- Mother Teresa In 1946, Sister Teresa was riding on a train when God spoke to her. He told her to leave her school, give up everything and follow him into the slums to serve the poorest of the poor. Since it's not that easy to leave the convent, she went to her superior and the Bishop of Calcutta and told them she wished to serve the poor. She first took a nursing course then set out to work with the poorest of Calcutta. In a few months she set up a school among the shacks with no materials. She began to teach the students the alphabet by tracing it in the dust. Mother Teresa told her sisters who worked with her that they could not understand the poor unless they were willing to live among them them and share their hardships. Our Personal Reflections During this project everyone learned a lot about Mother Teresa. This was a fun way to learn with the company of friends. One thing that I learned from Mother Theresa was that if you want change to happen, then do out and do it yourself. Mother Teeresa is a great role model to have and keep for the rest of your life. God knows what his plans are for you, it's up to you to follow them. During this project, I learned the true meaning of team work. This showed me how to be a team player. Mother Teresa is a great role model for people of all ages, because she is a saint and will work for change. That is why she is my role model. From when she was first taught about the faith, she stuck with it and obeyed it. Mother Teresa had a tough childhood, and God helped her through it. During this project Mother Teresa taught me a lot what to do. She was a great role model for all of us. We should think of her when we are in difficult times of our lives. Mother Teresa shows that no matter what we do God is going to love you. This project of Mother Teresa has taught me so much Out of all the things this project taught me, the goal of charity impacted me the most. Mother Teresa gave up years of effort and work. She made a massive difference in many lives. The city of Calcutta, India was really changed by one woman looking to make a difference. Mother Teresa
By: Brianna, Andrew, Maria and Chris
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