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The Chinese Crossbow

No description

Andrew Barnard

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of The Chinese Crossbow

The Crossbow was an invention in China that changed the way the Chinese and other people did things for centuries. This invention was so valuable that the Crossbow was not allowed out of China. The Crossbow has developed and changed over time, it has been used by Soldiers as a powerful weapon in war and it has been constructed of different materials.
When and who made the crossbow?

In 4th century BCE ideas of a crossbow were developing. However, they didn't actually make the first crossbow until late second century BCE. Qin from Chu made the crossbow to control warring feudal lords.
A Special trigger
A special trigger was invented in China around 400 BCE but this trigger was used for other things other than the crossbow. Ch’in improved upon the trigger mechanism and put it into the crossbow.This improved the efficiency of the crossbow.
Crossbows in War
Chinese soldiers used crossbows because they didn't require continuous strength. You could pull a crossbow back and lock it in place. Soldiers also used crossbows in war because they could shoot further than bows.
Everyday Uses
Some people used smaller crossbows as a tool to hunt. While others used them to shoot cables across canyons to use as base structures for bridges.

I interviewed my mom and dad since they are hunters and asked, “How has the crossbow changed over time?” One noticeable advancement they mentioned is the construction. Originally crossbows were made from wood, then metal and now carbon. My mom thought they were probably used mainly as weapons a long time ago and they are currently used more for sport.
Modern Crossbow Technology
Crossbows have changed the way people hunt because they can shoot further and more powerful than bows. Now days some crossbows have scopes unlike when crossbows were developing.
Crossbow Strings
The strings on crossbows have been made out of cotton, linen, hemp, and sinew. These were materials used for the crossbows in the middle ages. Now crossbow strings are made of high-modulus polyethylene

In conclusion, the crossbow was originally made in China. It was a useful and powerful weapon that was used in war and to hunt. The crossbow was also used to shoot cables across canyons to start making bridges. Crossbows have changed overtime and have changed the way people hunt. Overall crossbows were very useful in the middle ages.
Cool Fact
A really cool fact is Thuc Ph`an made a crossbow that could shoot thousands of arrows at once.

The Chinese Crossbow
By Andrew Barnard
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