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Margaret Fuller

No description

Becky Brown

on 27 October 2017

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Transcript of Margaret Fuller

Margaret Fuller:
Woman in the 19th Century

Quick Write:
In the 19th century, society expected women to be loving wives, adoring mothers, and expert housekeepers. Women were not expected to be great thinkers; they were to leave the thinking to men. How has society's expectations changed with regard to gender? Write a reflection titled either "Man in the 21st Century", or "Woman in the 21st Century."
What did you learn about the life of Margaret Fuller? How do you think her culture, background, and experiences influenced her writing?
Margaret Fuller: A Brief Biography
1) Complete your "Margaret Fuller: Reader Response Guide" by next class session.

Why might Fuller have chosen to present her views as a dialogue between herself and the fictional Miranda, instead of simply stating her beliefs outright? Explain how the dialogue format helps the author achieve her purpose.
Responding to the
Quick Write:
Can you think of an example of popular culture (book, article, television show, comic, blog, etc) that seems to reflect transcendentalist thought? Do you share the ideals of the example you discussed?
Analyzing Song Lyrics:
How does the Midlake song, "Core of Nature" reflect transcendentalist values?
I will wear the sun,
Ancient light through these woods,
Woods that I walk through alone
I will take my rest
With all creatures who dwell,
Under the smallest of green
I'll remain no more than is required of me
Until the spirit is gone
I will long to see all that waits to be known
And all that will never be known

Enter the core of nature,
No earthly mind can enter,
But I will wear the sun,
Bound to others,
We see many things

I will train my feet to go on with the joy
A joy I have yet to reach
I will let the sounds of these woods I have known
Sink into blood and to bone
I'll remain no more than is required of me
Until the spirit is gone
I will long to see all that waits to be known
And all that will never be known

Unit 2: Vocabulary
transgress (verb)
--to violate or go against a law or command
aversion (noun)
--strong feeling of dislike
misgivings (noun)
--feeling of doubt or distrust
congenial (adj.)
--agreeable or pleasing in nature
nonconformist (noun)
--someone who goes against established ideas, customs, or attitudes
deliberately (adv.)
--weighed or considered carefully
abject (adj.)
--utterly hopeless or miserable
perturbation (noun)
--mental disquiet or agitation
aphorism (noun)
--a short saying that seems to reveal a truth
pervade (verb)
--to become spread throughout
Margaret Fuller: Group Analysis Poster
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