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6th Grade 9/9/2014

No description

Susan Stamm

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of 6th Grade 9/9/2014

6th Grade 9/9/2014
Do Now
What are the two parts of a setting?

Write this in a complete sentence.
Fictional Plot Notes
Sequence the plot...
Introduction: This is the beginning of the plot where characters and setting are introduced.
A struggle or problem in the story.
This is the highest part of the conflict (problem).

Rising Action
This is where the problem increases.
Falling Action
This is where the problem decreases.
This is the part of the story where the conflict ends and the story is resolved.
Jack and the Bean Stalk
Plot Example
Conflict (problem)
Jack and his mom live in poverty. They are poor.
Introduction (Exposition)

Jack's mother gives him money to trade the cow for food.
Rising Action

Jack trades the cow for magic beans and climbs the beanstalk.
Jack steals the golden goose and flees from the giant. (High level of
suspense and struggle.)
Falling Action

Jack chops down the bean stalk and the giant falls to his death.

Jack and his mother or no longer poor because of the golden eggs.
What does it mean to sequence a story?
Conflict types? ---add to notes
character vs. __________

Together-Read: The Bronx Zoo Trip
Sequence the story by putting 5 of the plot events in order (1-5)
In assigned groups,
read Coach's Son ad the Big At Bat...

Then place the events in the correct sequence (order) by using the numbers 1-6.
Non-fiction can be sequenced also. This next article sequences things that happened in history.

By yourself, read "Life Before Humans Roamed the Earth.
Time? Write the steps you take to from the moment you wake until you get to school. Sequence the order. Add lots of detail so someone else could follow it.
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