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Increasing Efficiency Using Google Drive

No description

Mary Anne Moran

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Increasing Efficiency Using Google Drive

Brief Introduction Why Google? Endless Possibilities Okay, Now What? The Honest Truth Questions &
Answers Increasing Efficiency Using Google Mary Anne Moran
Mary Dernalowicz One year ago... Overview of Today's Presentation Why use Google?
Endless Possibilities
Okay...Now What?
The Honest Truth
Questions and Answers Saves time and energy


Data collection/summaries

Ease of use

Completed documents w/o extra work

Accessible from any device End-of-Year Check Out
Discipline Referrals
Common Planning Activities
Classroom Walkthroughs
PD Sign-up/Feedback
Parent/Student Surveys
Student/Parent/Community Feedback
Attendance Letters/Data
Data Collection
Sharing of Documents And the list goes on... Samples of Work Textbook Inventory Discipline Referrals Professional Development Classroom Walkthroughs -create a Google account
-start simple
-remind yourself you do not
need to be an expert
-practice makes perfect Where to begin Amazing tool
Google Chrome
Teacher buy-in You... -start simple
-create Google accounts
-provide training
-be prepared to support
-practice makes perfect Your faculty... Feel Free to Contact Us: mamoran@mursd.org

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