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Irondale -- ISIIP

Irondale High School's Integrated School Improvement and Innovation Plan

Rebecca Young

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Irondale -- ISIIP

Student Connectedness
College Readiness
Improvement &

Enhancing a culture of college readiness, efficacy and student connectedness at Irondale High School
Create a whole school-based college readiness model high school to support a P-14 model

In School Year 11-12 Irondale High School will work toward increasing the number of students who report having a high quality experience while participating in extra and co-curricular programs.

we will ensure that our college pathways reflect our student demographics equitably and the necessary supports/interventions are in place to ensure success for all students

Irondale students will demonstrate increased achievement in Reading, Writing and Math as measured on state assessment exams.
Elements of the Solution:
Partnership with ARCC
ACT for all juniors
Ramp-up (U of M)
9th grade Literacy Seminar
AP Summer Institute
Re-define graduation as readiness
for post-secondary success.

Increase early college opportunities with a concentrated effort on the academic middle
Create a college climate that creates clear pathways to successful college completion.
Irondale's Focus:
Meeting the needs of all students
Teachers collaborate to
identify learner outcomes
design common assessments
use assessment data to inform instruction

Assessments utilized
Common Assessments
Current Staff Development

Formative Practices

Teaming between regular
and special education teachers

Teach Like A Champion

Using technology effectively
Meeting the MCA goal
Strategies and Processes

Continuing education is in place to assist coaching staff in developing quality programming for students.
Staff will explore what a positive experience
looks like within each activity.
English teachers identified a need to work on grammar and created checkpoint assessments to measure growth.
On ramp after school interventions
All students who participate in activities will take
an on-line survey to measure the quality of
experience they have had.
academic readiness
social/emotional readiness
career readiness
financial readiness
Special Education staff review RIT scores and DesCartes continuum to individualize efforts to meet targeted growth.

All teachers support Reading MCA through
CARS strategies
Cornell Note-taking
word-meaning strategies
background content knowledge
promoting literacy
Re-distributed resources to provide:
Activity buses
Extended IMC/Computer Lab Hours
New student initiated clubs
The Challenge: Closing the Gap
SMART goals refine the focus of collaborative work.
Math teachers benefited from an Action Research Project evaluating the effectiveness of having plus and regular sections of Geometry and Algebra 2.
ACT Smart Goal written
around college-readiness
School culture
teachers are available before and after school
students seeking help is a normal activity
This e-mail may seem out very out of the blue, especially since I took your AP Calculus class several years ago, but I'd like to say thank you for teaching me effectively. If it was not for your class, I would not be able to survive in my current major (Economics) and would like to say I am very thankful for your teaching methods. I have not struggled with any aspect of calculus in any of my upper level Economics classes, and attribute that largely to your class.

Again, this seems very arbitrary, but I thought it would be good to hear that your teaching is in fact working, and affecting students positively, even in college.

Thank you.

-Student from class of '09
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