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Demonstrate Basic Computer Knowledge

No description

Norianna Ewald

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Demonstrate Basic Computer Knowledge

Computer Basics
Computer Screen
On/Off Switch
Key Board
Left Mouse Clicker
Right Mouse Clicker
Head phone, head set, and audio plugs
How to Keep You and Your Computer Happy
How to Keep You and Your Computer Happy
1) Keep liquids away from your computer
Liquids can completely ruin your computer and its contents.
3) Have an antivirus software
Antivirus softwares will protect your computer from all viruses and bugs.
2) Keep food away from your computer
Food particles can damage keys and make your computer dirty.
4) Always have clean hands when using your computer
This will help keep your computer free of stains.
5) Do not slam your computer screen
Slamming your computer screen can crack or smash your screen
6) Lift your computer by its base not the screen
Lifting your computer by its screen can damage the screen and hinges
7) Do not pull on the power cord
Pulling on the power cord can damage or break off the cord
8) Make sure that your computer is at an appropriate temperature
Your computer can over heat and damage your computer
9) Do not leave your computer in plain sight
Your computer can get stolen if you do so
Microsoft Word is a word document program. This program allows you to create documents in many different formats such as resume, business letter, article, and many more formats. In addition, you can create various types of charts and graphs.
Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program. Here you can add text, pictures, videos, animations, and sound clips. There are many different tools to make your presentation more exciting and appealing. PowerPoint is a great tool to use when you want to make an impressive presentation.
Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program. This program is great for business owners and event organizers. Microsoft Excel can calculate totals, organize columns, and create charts. Excel was created to be easy and convenient. It takes the work out of everything. Organization is Excel's middle name.
Microsoft Paint is a program where you can draw, paint, and color. This is the most kid friendly application in the history of computer applications. Microsoft Paint is also a good tool to crop any image. All you have to do is to copy the image, paste it in Microsoft Paint, hit edit, and then crop.
Google Chrome
Mozilla Fire Fox
Bing, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox are all search engines. This is what some people call going on the internet. These search engines allow you to do almost anything in the limits of cyberspace. You can play games, use social media, find information, and much more.
Mozilla Firefox.com
1o) Make sure that your computer does not have too much storage
The performance of your computer will decrease
Computer Storage
Hard Drive
Removable Storage
A hard drive is the computer's main storage component. Hard drives retain its data even when powered off. It is located in an internal drive bay. The hard drive is also connected to the motherboard.
Removable storage is generally used to back up the hard drive and to expand the storage space. USB flash drives, CD's, DVD's, floppy disks, compact disks, and memory cards,
Common Hardware and Software Problems
My battery is not charging.
Make sure that you are completely plugged into your charger and outlet. Also check to see if you have any battery problems.
My computer takes a long time to start up and shut down.
Make sure that you do not have too much storage on your computer. Also make sure that you completely shut down your computer after finished use.
Computer Connections
Check to see if all of your cords are properly connected. This issue can also happen internally; have your computer checked out by a professional.
Device Configuration
This issue involves both hardware and software configuration. Generally there is information in the manual or a help button to give you information. If not, contact the computer company that made your computer or a local technology store.
Hardware malfunctions
Go under the Hardware tab in the Control Panel. Click on the appropriate category (Monitor, Graphic Adapters, etc.) and click on properties. By doing this, it will let you know if you are having any issues with your operating systems. In some cases, it will inform you on how to fix these issues, if any.
My internet connection is slow and my computer is also running slow.
Make sure that your computer is up to date. Also make sure that you clean out your computer every once in a while to get rid of unwanted storage. If you do not have an anti-virus security software, it could be possible that you have a virus. Check into getting one as soon as possible if you have not already.
Software malfunction
If you are continuously having issues with a software that you are using. Try refreshing or reinstalling the software.
Digital Design
Print Media
Social Media





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