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World History: Big Picture Africa

No description

Julia Durkin

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of World History: Big Picture Africa

Julia Martell-Durkin
World History 3.02: Big Picture Africa The Kingdom of Kongo From 2000 BCE onward, the Bantu spread throughout Central and Southern Africa, mixing with the locals. Eventually these areas adopted their way of life, including their language and farming techniques. The people became successful in farming, mining, trading, and even making ceramic and textile art. This all led to trade, wealth, and the emergence of a new class which ruled what would become the Kingdom of Kongo. The Kongo Kingdom originated all the way back to 1390 CE and dominated the region into the 17th century. Lukeni Iua Nimi started it all when he united several territories and ruled as the first manikongo, or king. When the Portuguese came in 1480, the Kongo quickly allied themselves with their rulers, through trade and the the adoption of Christianity.
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