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sarina Blevins Self presentation

Pro Sem Presentation

Sarina Blevins

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of sarina Blevins Self presentation

Demographics: Socioeconomic status
I grew up in the urban low-income community of Boston located in Roxbury, Dorchester and later years in Mattapan.

Growing Up in these neighborhoods was tough. Roxbury, and other minority populated areas have traditionally lacked resources. Affordable housing, educational resources, and healthcare insurance were issues my family were challenged by. Growing up in these areas taught me a lot about society's inequities, but most of all the importance of family.
When I was 10 years old I suffered from a head injury that made me socially awkward. I was very shy and avoided making friends. I feared being judged, and thought that more people in my life was nothing but trouble.

In middle school this mentality changed when I met my best friend Erica Booker. She made it clear to me that I was unique, but not strange. I became more confident ever since.
Addressing these issues, as I grew older I began to seek mentors in school and among peers. I routinely attended Bird Street Community Center where I made new friends, and encountered college awareness programs that helped me form an identify. I invested my time into sports to learn how to build relationships and improve my interaction with others.
The Ascent
Independent Research Project intro

Topic: Learner oriented curricula and the Bioecological approach impact on child competence and mental health outcomes.

Supporting research: BioEcological systems research by Bronfennbrenner;
Parent differentiation of Self and Child competence study;
Achievement GAP Statistics [in Boston public schools]; Research on Parenting styles and child attachment affects on child development
Birds Eye View Of Sarina
In 2005 I graduated from the George A Lewis middle school, and began my rite of passage into adulthood.
In 2009 I graduated from Brighton High, and was admitted into the University of Amherst Massachusetts.
In 2013 as I walked across stage to graduate college, I remembered how ambiguous my future seemed, and the fear that accompanied this reality when I first entered college...
By the end of my undergraduate career I knew I wanted to further my educational career by pursuing a license in mental health. My ultimate goal was to give back to the community by raising awareness of available public health resources.
I feel in order to best address social pathologies a Microlevel approach is the most efficient route to remedying mental health issues, poverty and homelessness for example.
While in my senior year of college, I entered the Student Bridges program: a community service learning program that spreads college awareness through mentoring and tutoring involvement with low-income minority communities. Through this Amherst University program I gained more valuable community experience. Upon completing the Student Bridges community service learning program my long term goal was to work in low income minority communities,to advocate for disadvantaged families, to promote Social reform, educational reform and group solidarity to address social illnesses that negatively impact families and child development.
As a result of having a lack of resources my family and I depended on each other for everything. We are considerably close!
I love going to the gym

Sortir avec mon amis
...and eating
strange meals!
Riding my bike
Paris Mongo and Sarina Blevins...Umass Aulmni.
Graduate School and Community

I decided to go to graduate school to become a better asset to the urban community.

Studying School Adjustment and Mental Health counseling allows me to access a variety of community facilities to use my skills and background knowledge to contribute to the Boston urban community.
My Right Hand
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