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My Grade 9 English Summative

Renée Donaldson

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Tantalus

The Story
Tantalus His Story Where "Tantalus" Can Be Found. In Literature Ironic Much? Also A Park Who Is Tantalus? Tantalus is the son of Zeus and the King of Sipylos. He has 3 children. A daughter named Niobe and 2 sons named Broteas and Pelops. The mother of his 3 children either be his wife Euryanassa who is the daughter of the river-god, Scamander or his mistress Eurythemista who is also the daughter of the river-god Pactolus. Tantalus was a trouble maker. He committed 3 different crimes that made him end up in a unforgettable punishment not only for him but his entire family.
His first crime was revealing
secrets that he learned in heavens to the mortals. His second crime was stealing nectar and ambrosia which was the food of the gods and giving it to mortals when Zeus invited Tantalus to come up on Mount Olympos and eat dinner with the gods.
His final crime was when he invited the gods and goddesses to his house for dinner and he killed his son Pelops and boiled the body in a large pot. He cut his remains in hundreds of pieces and put it in stew feeding his son to the gods. He wanted the divine gods and goddesses to turn into uncivilized cannibals. When the gods realized what he'd done they captured Tantalus. Zeus killed him and placed him in Hades (the underworld god basically hell) forever. He stood in a lake with water up to his neck and trees full of fruits above. When he wanted a fruit the wind blew all the fruits away and when he wanted a drink the water in the lake dried out. Since he was already killed he couldn't die. This is where the word "tantalizing" comes from. For Pelops, his body was fully restored expect for his left shoulder that was eaten by Demeter (the goddess of harvest) but it was replaced by ivory. Poseidon took him to Olympus and he was taught how to drive a divine chariot. But was later threw out of Olympus because Zeus was still upset at his father and Zeus put a curse the rest of Tantalus's family. Niobe's children were taken and killed by Apollo and Artemis and she turned into stone. Atremis became jealous of Broteas because he became a famous hunter. So Artemis made Broteas set himself on fire killing him. Pelops's children Atreus and Thyestes struggled for power of the kingdom Tantalus left behind. Atreus also played some cannibal tricks on Thyestes's children. Finally all of Tantalus's great-grandchildren ended up killing each other. In Susanna Clarke's book "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell" she makes reference to Tantalus. "This wine is one of the vintages of Hell – but do not allow yourself to be dissuaded from tasting it upon that account! I dare say you have heard of Tantalus? The wicked king who baked his little son in a pie and ate him? He has been condemned to stand up to his chin in a pool of water he cannot drink, beneath a vine laden with grapes he cannot eat. This wine is made from those grapes. And, since the vine was planted there for the sole purpose of tormenting Tantalus, you may be sure the grapes have an excellent flavour and aroma – and so does the wine."
Also in Emily Dickson's poem "'Heaven'—is what I cannot reach". She refers to the story about Tantalus in lines 1-4. "The Apple on the Tree— Provided it do hopeless—hang—That—'Heaven' is—to Me"
Tantalus is a vineyard in Kelowna, British Columbia near Okanagan Valley. It's Okamagan Valley's first vineyard properties. Originally known as Pioneer Vineyards. It was first used to plant grapes in 1927 by renowned, local horticulturist JW Hughes. Until 2004 when the new owner Eric Savics decided to use the grapes and produce its own wine named "Tantalus" Tantalus is also a provincal park in British Columbia. You can go hunting, camping canoeing, fishing, rock climbing, and swimming at this park. By : Renee Donaldson
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