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germelo entrada

on 19 August 2013

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The purpose or the good effect of MRT for the commuters is to have a convenient and less hassle way of transporting. Even though it is crowded they patiently get along with the ride until they reached their destination. Also MRT is an economical and affordable public transport for the travelers. By the way the trains are air conditioned so it’s okay if it is crammed full.

After discussing the good effects let’s now embark upon the bad effects. Due to many passengers who used MRT some people suffered from being late to work or class but in my opinion they must understand that this kind of transportation is created for the mass so for them not to be late in their destinations they must have an allowance time for approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

Another problem of MRT is the defects in their trains here is an illustration.

As you can see commuters are walking along the sides of the rail. One of the reasons is that the
train breakdown due to full packed or loaded passengers. Another instance of defect is that the train
Engines have gone wrong. It's terrible to experience this type of situation. The excessive growth of
population and landmarks may be considered as one the main troubles at MRT. Due to its landmarks
namely GMA7, Araneta Center, Gateway, Trinoma, and other types of landmark gives so much difficulty
because they find MRT as an easy way of public transport to go into these places.

Manila Rail Transit
also known as MRT is the most convenient rapid transit line used by the commuters. The line is located
along EDSA one of Metro Manila’s thoroughfares. Distance from North Avenue to Taft Avenue is 16.95

Here is an illustration of MRT System Map.
MRT (Blue Line) is composed of 13 stations namely
North Avenue
Quezon Avenue
Shaw Boulevard
Taft Avenue.
It took an interval of each train for approximately 8 minutes.
It connects to LRT line 2
(Violet Line) from Cubao Station then from LRT Line 2 1st Station Recto you could access to
LRT Line 1
(Yellow Line) from Doroteo Jose Station.

The picture simply illustrates how some commuters are so impatient. They push each other just

to get inside of the train. One main factor why train took so long in one station is that the commuters

Inside the train does not give way to the people who have reached their destinations and when 5 people

went out 10 people will go inside the train.

It's hard to make a solution in this kind of dilemma but there’s something that can help to reduce
the number or quantity of passengers. These are the following solution I would like to suggest:
•Add trains to avoid overcrowding

•3 – 5 minute interval of arrival of train to reduce the number of passengers

•50 – 75 passenger capacity each station (This kind of policy has been already implemented in LRT Line 1.)

As I’ve read in blogs and interviewed some commuters who used MRT as their public transport is that they will ease a bunch of people at least it gives them an easy way of going to their desired destination. They just need to be more patient for now until the improvement has been made.

Presented by: Andrei Miguel Millares
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