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No description

Valerie Bonatakis

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of graphene

The material of the future
Usefulness with Computers
Usefulness with Cell Phones
Meeting Future School Applications

Desalination: imagine the benefit to landlocked, arid countries....agriculture.
Military Application
Take a Peek of the Future with Graphene!
One carbon atom thick, it’s stronger and stiffer than steel
Harvard and MIT researchers have now developed a way to simplify the placement of circuits onto graphene
Low-cost thermal imaging for all war fighters
Lightweight, more aerodynamic aircraft
Coating of graphene on airplanes/helicopters will protect against lightning strikes
Coating of graphene on military uniforms will protect against chemicals and artillery
Graphene-based bolometers, which measure heat generated by objects or people
Will help reach goal outlined for the Core curriculum once science is addressed. Currently meets MA frameworks for high school science.
Holds immense potential for energy-saving and clean technology applications
Super thin
Super strong , Super flexible,
Super Conductive
Electrons can freely race 100 times faster than they move through silicon
If researchers can make electronic chips out of the one-atom thick material graphene, everyday devices could ultimately become thinner and lighter
Graphene is a substance composed of pure carbon, with atoms arranged in a regular hexagonal pattern similar to graphite, but in a one-atom thick sheet. It is very light, with a 1-square-meter sheet weighing only 0.77 milligrams
Discussion that Samsung will incorporate graphene into flexible-display cell phones in the near future
200 times stronger than structural steel
Conducts electricity as well as copper
More viable, interactive boards...for that matter...interactive desks!
challenges of graphene:
mass production
economic impact
how to limit conductivity
Works Cited

Cutting edge technology
Potential game changer and may alter "everything"
Certainly meets the course topic of technology
Thought this would be something new that everyone in the class could benefit knowing
Environmental Considerations
Why we chose this Topic
Interesting Ideas
Thanks to graphene, doctors will be able to use high doses of new drugs that are lethal to cancer cells - without getting you sick or harming healthy cells.
Charging an iPhone in 30 seconds, or fully charging an electric car in minute
Mining of graphene
Mass production
So many patents! So many countries, so much research!
Super conductivity; can't turn it off!
In the future, how do you think graphene will assist teachers?
What company is a top contender for graphene research?
In the future, how will graphene assist the military?
Ability to clean oil spills
Graphene is entirely biodegradable
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