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Study of hero

Lerryn Kidd

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Hercules

Hercules Lerryn Kidd, Ali Stiegemeier, Jenae Bretsch, Dustin Duckworth, John Dattilo, Dan Mueller MAJOR LIFE EVENTS CHARACTERISTICS Strongest man on earth Supreme self-confidence Helped gods conquer the giants KEY PEOPLE AND GODS ASSOCIATED WITH Killed by magic Supernatural forces could overcome him Hera used her supernatural forces against him Greatest hero in Greek history Strangled two snakes as a baby Emotions often got out of control Unerring marksman Killed his own children Threatnened to shoot the sun because it was too hot Series of labors to kill legendary monsters Thinking limited to defending himself against monsters Courageous Greatness of soul Born in Thebes Son of Zeus Mother was Alcmena Killed a lion at 18 Wore it's skin as cloak with head as hood First wife's name was Megara 3 sons Almost killed himself after killing family Labors to clear conscience after killing his family The lion, the hydra, the hind, the boar, the stables, the birds, the bull, the horses, the belt, , the cattle, the apples, cerberus Fought river God-- Achelous-- to marry Deianira Killed boy who spilt water on his hands while serving him Causing him to go into voluntary exile Then Zeus punished him-- slave to Queen of Lydia Quick temper
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