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Enter the next generation of marketing. Who Can I Hire excel

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Micki Peroni Masserano

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Enter the next generation of marketing. Who Can I Hire excel

Brainstorm Your Marketing
"Cubing" Method
Associate it
"Who can I hire to fix my kitchen sink?"
"Who can I hire to care for my pet?"
"Who can I hire for legal help on my foreclosure?"

People are asking "who can I hire to..." and we want to give them the answers when they search for products and services. Our goal is to make your business the answer to the question.
Analyze it
Online directories: With the likes of Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Merchant Circles, there are hundreds and hundreds of other online directories. Who Can I Hire uses these online directories to accurately input your business profile with information, photos, videos, and tags, or keywords.

Content marketing: Google needs to be fed information about you and your business in order to recognize your online popularity. You may even go through Google Authorship to improve your status and be verified by
Google to optimize your blogs, or written articles. YouTube and
Vimeo videos also bring quality optimization. These
methods improve your online
marketing effectively.

Apply it
You can use Who Can I Hire for your marketing strategies. This practice is time consuming and as the saying goes, time is money. You run your business and we'll take care of the marketing.

Who Can I Hire is for anyone. From a local swimming pool cleaning service business, to a law firm of 17 locations. Why is it for anyone? Because Who Can I Hire believes that even small businesses can find success in doing the same kind of marketing that big corporations do. Allow our methods to be applied for your business and you will not only feel
satisfied, but also at ease without any frustrations in doing it
yourself or hiring an expensive SEO company.
What does Who Can I Hire make you think of?
How this marketing is made.
How Who Can I Hire is used
Use any reasoning to argue for or against.
Argue For
or Against It
Arguments for it? The next generation of consumers will rely on the Internet and mobile devices to answer their wants and needs. Traditional marketing will continue its demise over time as it is expensive and time limited. With Who Can I Hire, your budget will not suffer and our work could even last a lifetime if you so choose to.

Arguments against it? NONE! Who Can I Hire is cost effective and it works! We own our online directory and plan to expand, which means that your business would automatically expand. Who would argue
against that? So get in touch with us to start a conversation.
Why should you? Because someone on the
the Internet is looking for your
Describe it
What kind of online marketing is this?
It's not your casual and overly hyped SEO company. Google is actually disavowing SEO companies for their data dumping methods and inattentive shortcuts.

Hours are put into manual labor to market your business on the internet and connecting your offerings to your consumer base.

Your business turns into data for Google to read and show to any related searches done by consumers.

Main Idea
Compare it
What is Who Can I Hire similar to?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO). All online marketing
companies have the goal to optimize their clients through
search engines.

The difference then?
Who Can I Hire does not seek shortcuts, but rather
an understanding of current changes on search engines
to compliment the work that results in efficiency,
effectiveness, and success.

Enter the next generation of marketing. Who Can I Hire excels in new online marketing techniques that are endorsed by Google.

Every business will require a new marketing strategy to compete in a cutthroat environment where consumers demand access to information online.

It's time to take your business online and beyond.
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